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Andifli, 07580 Kaş/Antalya, Turkey → Kaş 4km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 1

Guy Thought I Had the Wrong Intentions

Another motorcycle! Nice ride through the Kas peninsula to the town's center. At the end, I thanked the guy and asked for his name. As soon as he heard that he was like "Ooooh, no no no, you have the wrong idea…" I smiled and said "Ok, nevermind. Anyway, you will have sevap (Islamic good deed during Ramadhan) for this ride". As soon as he heard the word "sevap" and… (Ik wil meer lezen)

ongeveer 2 maanden geleden
Esenköy → Kaş 96km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 3


Finally a motorcycle ride! Turkey never disappoints.

Bunch of dudes

Bunch of odd looking dudes. The driver owned a restaurant and was driving there from Fethiye.

Two Czechs

Two Czechs, one of them from Brno! Arrived (and departed) on the same flight from Bratislava. They were looking for a house to buy. Cool dudes with lots of travel to weird places. Noticed my CeskosLOVEnsko shirt.

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Töre → Haparanda 76km Hitchhiked by Augustris 1

Latvian guys been going home took me to Haparanda

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Bjerkvik → Øyjord 8km Hitchhiked by Augustris 1
Alone Asked at gas station

The guy was going to Narvik, dropped me on the way to Sweden.

ongeveer 2 maanden geleden
Bogen → Bjerkvik 26km Hitchhiked by Augustris 1

Polish guys been riding from A loften

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Evenes → Bogen 14km Hitchhiked by Augustris 1

Guys went Sweden Lapland

Asked some guys at the airport who were going to Swedish Lapland for skiing to take me.

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Sagres → Sagres 6km Hitchhiked by Benjemce 1

Surf check

4 maanden geleden
Plateau-des-Petites-Roches → Goncelin 11km Hitchhiked by Puckman 1
More than three people

After Hiking

We couldnt reach the bus in time, so decided to end a hike diferently. We hitchhiked at five people, and got irregurarly in a car, and then took the "free-train" to go to Grenoble.

7 maanden geleden
Grenoble → Lons-le-Saunier 269km Hitchhiked by Puckman 3

Tiphaine & Kelly

As I was at the isle d'abeau station, almost all the people were going to Lyon. Tiphaine & Kelly were taking the A6 upnorth to Lille, but told me they could take the A39 to bring me to Lons ♥

7 maanden geleden
Giromagny → Belfort 11km Hitchhiked by Puckman 1
Three people

Thanks Farida

We were tired of hiking… tried to hitch at three, and a girl stopped for the first time because there was a girl in our group she said. She is afraid of taking hitchhikers and was surprised of our "good" work when she asked for it x) Was a funny talk!

10 maanden geleden
Grenoble → Lons-le-Saunier 230km Hitchhiked by Puckman 6

Ukrainian guy

We did (try) to talk in Spanish. Was fun. He was coming from Valladolid, going to Stuttgart for work.

02 March 2021
Châtel-en-Trièves → Grenoble 59km Hitchhiked by Puckman 3

English women

Got picked up by a women I read about in a picture book about the area! Nice talking about UK!

Old women

She did grew up in the area and was going to visit her daughter close to Grenoble. Her family doesnt want to climb by car to visit her because its dangerous, but they are okay she does down! Was super nice talking to her.

28 February 2021
Saint-Jean-d'Hérans → Roissard 10km Hitchhiked by Puckman 1
Two people

Crazy driving

The women was going to pick up her niece, running late, driving crazy in downhill… Was short but stressfull.

26 February 2021
Besançon → Grenoble 320km Hitchhiked by Puckman 1


Super nice ride with a teacher from AgroParisTech and his wife from Australia!

24 February 2021
Dampierre-sur-Salon → Pesmes 34km Hitchhiked by Puckman 2


Second time I get into a Porsche, all time. A man that never hitch. He was with his 10 years old daughter.

24 January 2021
Freiburg im Breisgau → Wolfach 86km Hitchhiked by Puckman 5

Random Hitch

The goal was to say yes to any direction for at least two days. It brought me not far, discovering the small villages of the black forest.

23 September 2020
Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée → Gap 122km Hitchhiked by Herrop 3
07 July 2020
Source-Seine → Besançon 181km Hitchhiked by Puckman 3

I got lost during a hike. After 10km walking under the rain, the first car I saw stopped. He brought me back to the beginning, and a bit further to put me in the right direction. He was the owner of the gite that was next to where I camped the previous day. He said I should have come inside, and he wouldn't have asked for money.

It was pourin rain. I had no gear for it. Was soaked. Rafael and Jocelyne came back a little bit after they passed me, and picked me up as they felt very empathic with me. We had great talks, and I decided to go the further I could with them, by doing a little detour south of my destination.

Emilien and Zoé were going home up north after a week in a forest with no electricity and running water. They were super happy to pick up their first hitchhiker.

16 August 2020
Franois → Source-Seine 123km Hitchhiked by Puckman 2

Random Hitch

The goal was to go somewhere random, with the first ride going out of my area. I was picked up by Pierre, who was moving stuff away from Besançon to his parents house. We stopped at the Seine spring to visit, and I decided to camp on that spot.

15 August 2020
Vila Nova de Gaia → Aveiro 68km Hitchhiked by Augustris 2
Two people Going wrong direction via highway policy stop

So we wanted to go to the nearest gas station, but GPS showed wrong direction, so we been walking near the high way. After walking couple of minutes, one car beeped on us, after another 5-10 minutes police stopped, checked our ID’s, and took us to the gas station, offered food to try at Aveiro. Pretty cool!

22 October 2017
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