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Ottawa → Montreal 198km Autostopem jeździł Ankun 1 2


23 January 2016
Denpasar → Paris 17 437km Autostopem jeździł Pierre 50 1
Two people
08 January 2014
Freiburg → Heidelberg 184km Autostopem jeździł Tinkleinmyfeet 2

Art as a means to the mind

It is not the first time I’ve hitched to concerts. The trouble about living in a town like Freiburg (Germany), few good bands pass through and I’m not left with much choice but to follow where the music goes. My friend Vanessa had invited me to catch the <a href="">Notwist</a> in Heidelberg (Germany). describes them as the… (Przeczytaj w Tripie)

14 July 2010