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  • Byara → Sulaymaniyah
    caronado 8 dias atrás por Uncle_sam01
    Taxi takes us for free!

    After an army guy saw us hitching, he asked us where we were going. Pretty soon a taxi pulled up and the guy told them that were going to Slemani so they stopped for us. I… (read on in Trip)

  • Byara → Sulaymaniyah
    caronado 8 dias atrás por Uncle_sam01
    Full pickup truck

    Hitched these guys after an interesting adventure on the Iran-Iraq border where we somehow stumbled into Iran and got lucky the Iranians didn't see and arrest us. We had a bit of… (read on in Trip)

  • Sulaymaniyah → Halabja
    caronado 8 dias atrás por Uncle_sam01

    Nice Kurdish trucker. Stopped almost as soon as we started hitching and was going directly to Halabja. Didn't speak much English. I was also traveling with an English girl I met in Slemani.

  • Berlin → Schöneck
    caronado 8 dias atrás por Thaddel
    I met the founder of Hitchwiki

    After waiting at the Grunewald service area with two guys from Argentina I met with the founder of Hitchwiki. If you have any chance of meeting him, i only could say you, that you… (read on in Trip)

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44fc94dda94d3da474afdca9d8bb1104 Mone Contato
Partida 25 July 2019
Origem Turkey Destino Austria
47a7926d10178d4927f49285addedcf8 Lois Contato
Partida 26 July 2019
Origem Toulouse, France Destino Lousada, Portugal

Going to the Hitchfest (Hitchhiking Festival) from 29th of July to the 4th of August. I think starting HH a few days before. Someone would like to join?

Cca8479aa9df24d49c2b645788210613 Agundur99 Contato
Partida 29 July 2019
Origem Sligo, Irland Destino Bregenz, Österreich

From end of July until end of September. Do you want to join me somewhere? Pls send a mail to florianscherl1999@gmail.com

3f56e542052f44f0ab9a31415a36d999 Robin Contato
Partida 01 August 2019
Origem Κοπενχάγη, Δανία Destino Ζάγκρεμπ, Κροατία

Hello Anyone who is interested in joining me for this route, or part of it, contact me. Hope to hear from you! Robin

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