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Salzburg → Trento 398km Autostopem jeździł Gospodinbezkrai 5
Two people single woman 2 Big shot Minority 3 single woman 3 gasterbeiter Morrocan 5

Голям стоп с Мишката – 2

09 September 2014
Vienna → Salzburg 314km Autostopem jeździł Gospodinbezkrai 3
Two people 1 single woman Bulgarian TIR 2 whole family made a detour for me 1

Голям стоп с Мишката – 1

08 September 2014
Vienna → Kecskemét 327km Autostopem jeździł Gospodinbezkrai 3
Alone single woman 1

Виенско лято – 4

12 July 2014
Sofia → Dimitrovgrad 62km Autostopem jeździł Gospodinbezkrai 3
Alone made a detour for me single woman 3

Виенско лято – 1

29 June 2014
Sofia → Gyueshevo 128km Autostopem jeździł Gospodinbezkrai 2
Alone single woman 1 whole family Albanian 2

Началото на голямото пътуване в Албания

24 July 2015
Sofia → Plovdiv 144km Autostopem jeździł Gospodinbezkrai 1
Alone single woman whole family

Френският бизнес-съюз

21 April 2011
Sofia → Plovdiv 144km Autostopem jeździł Gospodinbezkrai 1
Alone single woman
05 January 2013
Dieppe → Ashford 239km Autostopem jeździł Gospodinbezkrai 3
Alone single woman 1 Tourists Swiss Crazy made a detour for me 2 german Packed 3

Северна Франция – ден 4

We go on the ferry – luckily they didn't have a ticket, and we bought one including of me

04 October 2012
Amiens → Dieppe 120km Autostopem jeździł Gospodinbezkrai 7
Alone whole family Elderly 1 van 2 local truck Gastarbeiter Slovak 3 single woman 5 van single woman 6

Северна Франция – ден 3

03 October 2012
Moscow → Elektrostal 45km Autostopem jeździł Gospodinbezkrai 3
Alone single woman 2

Провал от Москва за Владимир

12 April 2018
Phoenix → Monticello 737km Autostopem jeździł Wallpaper 12 1 2
Alone Wild roadside coincidence single woman

My sister picked me up!

I was standing on the edge of the highway for less than a minute when I saw a minivan approaching. Two white 30-something ladies had horrified looks on their faces were in the front and I could tell they were not the type to stop. I put my thumb down… moments later, the van pulled over! Guess I was wrong… I started running up to it, and the side door slides open. My… (Przeczytaj w Tripie)

Tonto Natural Bridge → Pine

Andrea was an older woman who was very excited to pick up a female hitchhiker. She said it reminded ber of her youth, when she was more free and less afraid.

30 June 2019
Valmiera → Silene 274km Autostopem jeździł Gospodinbezkrai 8
Alone Gastarbeiter polish van 1 Elderly 3 Elderly 4 local truck 5 single woman 6 Crazy showed me around Elderly 7 Crazy 8

Пътуване на още по на север – ден 17

01 June 2016
Tallinn → Valmiera 264km Autostopem jeździł Gospodinbezkrai 5
Alone single woman 1 showed me around 2 single woman 4 Belarussian Gastarbeiter TIR 5

Пътуване на още по на север – ден 16

31 May 2016
Moab → Salt Lake City 375km Autostopem jeździł Wallpaper 4 2
Alone single woman

Hwy 191 → Green River

A rad couple in a jeep turned around to pick me up. They had just been hitchhiking themselves recently, after a backpacking trip. We discussed hiking in Southern Utah and Colorado. They were excited to help me on my journey- really sweet people.

Green River → Dinosaur Quarry

Four men with a pickup truck stopped. They were heading to work at the dinosaur quarry. I hopped in the back. They offered me water, told me to stay safe, and warned me about Utah cops.

Dinosaur Quarry → Orem, UT

After a long wait in the desert, Annie picked me up and rearranged her car in order to give me a ride. What an amazing woman!! She had just finished up a trip paddle boarding down the green river, and had so many wonderful travel stories. From her time in Kenya to her work as a fiber artist to her childhood growing up in a Mormon household, there was so much that was… (Przeczytaj w Tripie)

Moab → North of Arches

Matt, whose partner is doing community rebuilds, offered to give me a ride north of town. Really sweet guy, we talked about intentional communities and visions for the future.

12 June 2019
Mesa → Escalante 826km Autostopem jeździł Wallpaper 7 4
Alone pickup pickup evangelist single woman single woman

Camp Verde → Flagstaff

Another pickup truck. This one belonged to a hunter who wanted to help me out. He drove me to Flagstaff and offered to buy me McDonald's if I was hungry.

Bryce Canyon Junction → Escalante

I had the longest wait of the day in this spot. It wasn't the optimal time to be heading East, most of the traffic was heading to the national park. A Russian hitchhiker named Maxim walked up to me while I was trying to catch a ride. He said the U.S. is the worst place for hitchhiking— very contrary to my experience. He then said that the fastest way to hitchhike is as a… (Przeczytaj w Tripie)

Escalante → Campsite

A few cars passed me until a father/daughter duo stopped. Nice people, they weren't going far, but they new of a sweet dispersed camping spot near the highway up ahead. They dropped me off there as the sun was setting.

Mesa → Pine

An ex military helicopter pilot named Buzz picked me up. Regailed me with stories from his youth, and about how much Arizona has changed over the decades.

Pine → Camp Verde

A woman pulled over and told me to hop in the back of her pickup. She sped the whole way to the I-17 and handed me a Bible tract when she dropped me off.

Hwy 12 Junction → Bryce Canyon Junction

Amélie, a woman from Paris, picked me up. She lives in Mexico most of the year working as a scuba divimg instructor. Now she's on a solo roadtrip around the states. "I feel like the world is my home."

Flagstaff → Junction of UT Hwy 12 north of Hatch

Matt, a young libertarian picked me up. We discussed anarchy, politics, feminism, and he was open minded and engaging. He is ex-military, grew up conservative. Interested in quitting his job and sailing around the world. Has hitchhiked from time to time in the past.

09 June 2019
Topolovo → Plovdiv 36km Autostopem jeździł Gospodinbezkrai 2
Two people TIR local truck 1 single woman 2

Разходка до Тополово

19 May 2017
Aksakovo → Plovdiv 394km Autostopem jeździł Gospodinbezkrai 8
Two people Minority Big shot 2 van Minority 6 Elderly 7 Big shot 8 single woman 1

До Измаил и назад – отсечка 5

21 September 2018
Galați → Reni 25km Autostopem jeździł Gospodinbezkrai 3
Two people mutra 2 single woman Elderly 3 made a detour for me Elderly 1

До Измаил и назад – отсечка 3

14 September 2018
Brezovo → Plovdiv 39km Autostopem jeździł Gospodinbezkrai 1
Two people single woman

До Розовец и назад

26 August 2018
Plovdiv → Rozovets 56km Autostopem jeździł Gospodinbezkrai 5
Two people Elderly 3 single woman 5

До Розовец и назад

25 August 2018
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