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Jassy → Kiszyniów 173km Autostopem jeździł Dadzios 4 1
Alone Nice man

Short ride

I catch a ride within 5 minutes with nice man. First of all I couldnt communicate with him and we talked with 4 mixed languages. He put me on the border between romania and Moldova.

Kidnaping? Nah..

I was waiting for my car and the guy has stopped after 20 minutes. First I was thinking that he want to kidnap me but I've made a huge mistake. It was my first ride and the guy was very generous. He showed me the neighborhood, city and drove with me to the hitchhiking spot. Very good ride.

Ukrainian driver

Moldova is a good country for hitchhiking adventure. I never waited more than 25minutes even in winter. The Ukrainian guy has stopped after 15 minutes and he drove to Odessa, but I wanted to stay in Chisinau for one day. He has open heart and I had a lot of gifts from him. A lot apples, cookies and even eggs for next trip. I was very happy to ride with him.

27 November 2017