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Venlo → Maidstone 451km Autostopem jeździł Augustris 4
Alone Calais

Truck driver to gas/rest station near Bruger

Tired Polish truck driver took me to this really good gas station

German family took me inside ferry

Germany family took me inside ferry when I explained then that it's free for them.

Spanish family to Maidstone

I was going to London, they to Wales so they droped me at Maidstone. Tryed to drop me at best spot

Outside Maidstone, to inside of Maidstone

I was holding sign London, they stoped me and asked where I was going, I said London, they said that they going to London. I was suspicious because 4 guys in car, bad sign. When they was driving to inside of Maidstone, they asked me something, I said I don't have money, so they stoped car in the middle on the road and said get out. So needed to go out of city, bad luck to… (Przeczytaj w Tripie)

27 June 2017