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  • Plateau-des-Petites-Roches → Goncelin
    Autostop 17 dni temu przez Puckman
    After Hiking

    We couldnt reach the bus in time, so decided to end a hike diferently. We hitchhiked at five people, and got irregurarly in a car, and then took the "free-train" to go to Grenoble.

  • Grenoble → Lons-le-Saunier
    Autostop 14 dni temu przez Puckman
    Tiphaine & Kelly

    As I was at the isle d'abeau station, almost all the people were going to Lyon. Tiphaine & Kelly were taking the A6 upnorth to Lille, but told me they could take the A39 to bring me to Lons ♥

  • Giromagny → Belfort
    Autostop 3 miesięcy temu przez Puckman
    Thanks Farida

    We were tired of hiking… tried to hitch at three, and a girl stopped for the first time because there was a girl in our group she said. She is afraid of taking hitchhikers… (Przeczytaj w Tripie)

  • Grenoble → Lons-le-Saunier
    Autostop 8 miesięcy temu przez Puckman
    Ukrainian guy

    We did (try) to talk in Spanish. Was fun. He was coming from Valladolid, going to Stuttgart for work.

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