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Turku → Oulu 647km Hitchhiked by Blablache 9
Alone fun extra helpful single male single male single male helpful intimidating quiet van single male

Rookie mistake

First ride of my life, of course I was so excited and clueless I hopped in, but the guy wasn't driving very far. Had to turn back to my first, excellent, spot.


Candy break XD

Ski Dad

From gas station to gas station. Had to ask around for this one.

A little push

Nice mom with her kid took quite a detour just to get me to a big gas station where I actually had a chance of finding a ride. Struggled to find the spot at the start in Jyväskylä (Pakkola shopping centre) and there was not much traffic. Long-distance hitchhiking on a Sunday… not the best idea.

Mystery Chauve Man

Single male who spoke no English and kept vey quiet, but took a detour and dropped me in the city centre.

Brand new car

Nice chat. Dropped me in a perfect stop in Jämsä, right after a roundabout.

Human kindness and random interactions

Reaaally struggled to find the starting spot in Tampere, so I ended up asking a random old lady who was talking a walk. She didn't speak any English but asked another lady who was passing by to translate and together they tried to figure out where the spot was and how I could get there. She ended up calling her husband so he could take me to the gas station, which was just… (Ik wil meer lezen)

Turning back

Getting a bit desperate, started asking at the gas station for either direction and found someone to take me back to the starting point.

Giggly teenagers

Couple of awkward but nice Laestadians (I only found out later about this sect)

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