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Simnas → Klaipėda 312km Hitchhiked by Augustris 5
Alone Couple going to doctor

In the middle of highway we broken cars stop

it was in the middle of nowhere at highway, car stopped to take me. It was airport van, they took me because it was windy and cold.

Couple was going to the doctor, gave me a lift to Alytus for about 25 km.

Christians going home

Christians gave me a lift for about 10 km.

Loud music, to Kaunas

Guy was going for shopping to supermarket at Kaunas. From there I took direct bus to 9 fortas – best place to hitchhike to direction of Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevėžys.

Strange guy, good vibes

The guy was very honest and open, invited me to come at his place in summer, shared life stories.

30 December 2019