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Sulaymaniyah → Shaqlawa 147km Hitchhiked by Niklaaavs 6 1
Two people
15 September 2019
Ramsgate → Boulogne-sur-Mer 134km Hitchhiked by Puckman 1 1

Crossing the English Channel on a River Boat

After only one hour asking around in Ramsgate, I found a German Captain who was agree to bring me to France the next day. It was with a river boat, conditions were super good and it was a fun time! He was a retired aircraft pilot, living on his boat every summer. He also lived 3 years on it, mostly travelling in France.

23 August 2019
Phoenix → Monticello 737km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 12 1 2
Alone Wild roadside coincidence single woman

My sister picked me up!

I was standing on the edge of the highway for less than a minute when I saw a minivan approaching. Two white 30-something ladies had horrified looks on their faces were in the front and I could tell they were not the type to stop. I put my thumb down… moments later, the van pulled over! Guess I was wrong… I started running up to it, and the side door slides open. My oldest… (read on in Trip)

Tonto Natural Bridge → Pine

Andrea was an older woman who was very excited to pick up a female hitchhiker. She said it reminded ber of her youth, when she was more free and less afraid.

30 June 2019
Ashland → Eugene 287km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 2 2
Alone pickup

Ashland → Medford

Ride in the back of a pickup. A man with a warm smile who adviced me to be careful.

Medford → Eugene

Payam got off the interstate and back on (turned around to pick me up). What a great and joyful ride!!! We discussed farming, intentional communities, his experience as an Iranian American, activism, life… what a wonderful human. I will definitely be in contact with him in the future.

17 June 2019
Moab → Salt Lake City 375km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 4 2
Alone single woman

Hwy 191 → Green River

A rad couple in a jeep turned around to pick me up. They had just been hitchhiking themselves recently, after a backpacking trip. We discussed hiking in Southern Utah and Colorado. They were excited to help me on my journey- really sweet people.

Green River → Dinosaur Quarry

Four men with a pickup truck stopped. They were heading to work at the dinosaur quarry. I hopped in the back. They offered me water, told me to stay safe, and warned me about Utah cops.

Dinosaur Quarry → Orem, UT

After a long wait in the desert, Annie picked me up and rearranged her car in order to give me a ride. What an amazing woman!! She had just finished up a trip paddle boarding down the green river, and had so many wonderful travel stories. From her time in Kenya to her work as a fiber artist to her childhood growing up in a Mormon household, there was so much that was shared. I… (read on in Trip)

Moab → North of Arches

Matt, whose partner is doing community rebuilds, offered to give me a ride north of town. Really sweet guy, we talked about intentional communities and visions for the future.

12 June 2019
Mesa → Escalante 826km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 7 4
Alone pickup single woman evangelist pickup single woman

Camp Verde → Flagstaff

Another pickup truck. This one belonged to a hunter who wanted to help me out. He drove me to Flagstaff and offered to buy me McDonald's if I was hungry.

Bryce Canyon Junction → Escalante

I had the longest wait of the day in this spot. It wasn't the optimal time to be heading East, most of the traffic was heading to the national park. A Russian hitchhiker named Maxim walked up to me while I was trying to catch a ride. He said the U.S. is the worst place for hitchhiking— very contrary to my experience. He then said that the fastest way to hitchhike is as a… (read on in Trip)

Escalante → Campsite

A few cars passed me until a father/daughter duo stopped. Nice people, they weren't going far, but they new of a sweet dispersed camping spot near the highway up ahead. They dropped me off there as the sun was setting.

Mesa → Pine

An ex military helicopter pilot named Buzz picked me up. Regailed me with stories from his youth, and about how much Arizona has changed over the decades.

Pine → Camp Verde

A woman pulled over and told me to hop in the back of her pickup. She sped the whole way to the I-17 and handed me a Bible tract when she dropped me off.

Hwy 12 Junction → Bryce Canyon Junction

Amélie, a woman from Paris, picked me up. She lives in Mexico most of the year working as a scuba divimg instructor. Now she's on a solo roadtrip around the states. "I feel like the world is my home."

Flagstaff → Junction of UT Hwy 12 north of Hatch

Matt, a young libertarian picked me up. We discussed anarchy, politics, feminism, and he was open minded and engaging. He is ex-military, grew up conservative. Interested in quitting his job and sailing around the world. Has hitchhiked from time to time in the past.

09 June 2019
Los Angeles → San Diego 193km Hitchhiked by Isaif 1 1
Alone plane
19 January 2019
Sheffield → Birmingham 146km Hitchhiked by Jxzkd 5 1
Three people peak district Aldi - Bakewell

Charity Hitchhike

My first hitchhike! An old man picked us up to drive us to Manchester as he was seeing his daughter there. We waited for ages on the outskirts of Sheffield but the man was lovely.

Rosie, the only woman to pick us up

She was a teacher and dropped us in one of the most scenic towns in the Peak District.

09 October 2018
Imsouane → Taghazout 60km Hitchhiked by Dadzios 1 1

10 minutes and straight to Taghazout. It was very nice ride with Belgian people. We talked about travelling, life, cryptocurrency and moroccan culture.

30 January 2019
Voorst, Netherlands → Hamburg 370km Hitchhiked by Augustris 8 2

Riding at Fiat Ducato back

Riding at the back of Fiat Ducato, workers took me

Service station near Osnabruck

Woman with kids took me to that bad service station away from highway. I found that sign in photo. But these people was really kind, gave me juice and food that I am appreciate!

25 June 2017
Marktbreit → Heidenheim an der Brenz 119km Hitchhiked by Jannik93 1 1

Little Christmas hitch

I got dropped of and picked up by relatives at the A7. That made it pretty convenient. I started thumbing at the A7 entry „Marktbreit” for like 20 mins and after getting closer into the entry I got a lift right away. He let me knew right away that he picked me up cuz of my Christmas hat. One exit later he dropped me off at a gas station. Here I found a ride within 5mins that… (read on in Trip)

20 December 2018
17900 Eceabat/Çanakkale, Turquie → Edirne, Turquie 218km Hitchhiked by Puckman 2 1


The guy was AWESOME! He is into climbing and environmental protection. He invited me to come back and visit him.

Fast & Generous

My driver is driving suuuuuper fast. I'm a bit scary. He invites me for lunch and then we visit his couch store. There is a lot of people visiting him for chai, and they are really interested about me. We talk soccer and end up by organizing a soccer game for the evening. So I did, helped my team win, and finally stayed with him and his students roomates.

29 October 2018
Bursa → Çanakkale 250km Hitchhiked by Puckman 4 1

Stuck in the truck

My truck driver invited me for food, as it is usual in Turkey. Then, he had to unload two times. He told me it was fast. The first time took one hour, so I asked him to let me out before the next one so I can continue. He didn't, and brought me to a super bad spots, so I had to stay with him. It took 2 hours, as some guy was not here with a machine to unload. I found some… (read on in Trip)

26 October 2018
Taşucu → Kutahya 590km Hitchhiked by Puckman 3 2

Breakfast break

I understood that my driver invited me for breakfast and then continue his trip in my direction. I go with him, but tell him I don't drink hot stuff and I'm not hungry… He makes me taking a juice. We try to communicate with all his friends at the cafe, and one of them is finding my friend's name by calling with his phone :O Then, my driver start to play cards… I pay my juice and I escape.

You Will Drink Chai

Well; this time I couldn't refuse Chai offered by my driver. And the view was fantastic in the cafe we stopped.

Sleeping in the truck

It was a very loooong drive. I went everywhere with the driver, as he was loading, unloading and again. We slept in a farm at the countryside near Afyon.

23 October 2018
Moab → Capitol Reef, Utah, USA 225km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 3 2
Alone long wait single woman RV

Arches National Park Entrance Station → Moab

I waited for hours in the cold rain- several cars stopped for me, but all were heading to Moab (south) rather than my direction, north. The spot was less than ideal, and I stayed for too long. Eventually, I decided to get a ride down to Moab and try from there- Leftie gave me a ride the few miles into town, and I warmed up a bit before walking back out to the highway,

Moab → I-70 and Hwy 24

Ellie turned around to pick me up and she was amazing! She drove 30 miles out of her way to drop me in a good spot, ensuring I'd only have to wait for one ride (rather than two). She was just returning to Colorado after doing humanitarian work on the Mexican/Texas border. We talked about border-related activism, spirituality, approaching fear, and utopic world visions. A lovely ride.

I-70 and Hwy 24 → Fruita, UT

I had been dropped off in the middle of the desert, no facilities for 40+ miles in any given direction. The sun was on the verge of setting. Six cars passed me in 50 minutes- the seventh stopped. Joan and Mike were from Minnesota and were edging toward the end of their road trip. Nice people, I gave them recommendations for what to do in the area, and we discussed history and travel.

07 October 2018
Moab → Arches Scenic Dr, Utah, USA 21km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 3 3
Alone single woman

Arches National Park Entrance Station → Double Arch

An older French couple picked me up after I had been waiting not even 30 seconds. They ended up driving me down the scenic drive, and we hiked together to a few different arches and viewpoints- I spoke rudimentary French, and they spoke broken English, and we enjoyed each others company.

Double Arch → Visitor Center

A man who works for USGS picked me up. We talked about hiking and geology.

Moab → Arches National Park Entrance Station

A young Frenchwoman from the hostel I was staying in kindly offered me a ride. We chatted about hitchhiking alone.

07 October 2018
Hornafjörður → Eiðar 199km Hitchhiked by Dadzios 3 1

Italian stop

Very good hitchhiking story. Italian women stopped for me but they had already one hitchhiker. Very good ride.

01 September 2018
Sibiu → Lőkösháza 325km Hitchhiked by Merovech 6 1
Alone gypsies bus

A bus of gypsies

I was standing next to a roundabout when a bus full of people stopped. This had happened more often, and most of the time they want money. I walked up to them, tried to explain that I did not have any money, but they insisted that I should come anyway. These proud self-proclaimed gypsies ended up giving me food, drinks, a wonderful time and even money for a train ticket from… (read on in Trip)

17 August 2018
Langarfoss → Hellnar 113km Hitchhiked by Dadzios 1 1

Australian stop

I've stopped this guy and we had very nice time. We drove all the the way around the national park, talking and having fun. Very nice trip.

05 August 2018
New York → Jasper 4,265km Hitchhiked by Diegopkr 35 1
Two people

Hitchhiked from New york to Montreal, then to Val Dor and then to wiinipeg, and to Jasper.

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03 July 2018
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