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Sofia → Plovdiv 149km Hitchhiked by Gospodinbezkrai 2
Two people 1 TIR turkish 2 made a detour for me

Турски тир, шаманист

17 October 2019
Mönchengladbach → Riga 1,781km Hitchhiked by Ansismalins 5
Alone lithuanian german turkish lithuanian lithuanian

Some Urlas

Some Lithuanian urlas picked me up and drove me 8 km down the road. Eh. Helped outrun the approaching storm at least.

Just Some Germans Visiting Relatives

Some dude and his son visiting relatives in Berlin. Picked me up at Raststätte Rhynern and dropped me off at Mitchendorf.

The Crazy Muslim Dudes

This was the highlight of the trip. Two devout turks picked me up at Michendorf and dropped me off in Kaunas, Lithuania next morning. They noticed my sign and offered a ride without even me asking them. We stopped a couple times to pray, and almost drove into Belarus by accident.

Some Nonmemorable Lithuanians

Picked me up near Kauno IX forto muziejus and dropped me off at a gas station just after Pasvalys.

The Coffee Fan

Some Lithuanian dude picked me up near the Lithuanian-Latvian border and took me all the to the center of Riga. He wants to build his own coffee machines.

19 June 2014