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Pudak, Tepus, Kabupaten Gunung Kidul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia → Yogyakarta City, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia 57km Hitchhiked by Mirzusko 4 Two people truck yogyakarta bus Traditional Dance yogyakarta java indonesia taxi 09 August 2018
Kudus → Semarang City, Central Java, Indonesia 53km Hitchhiked by Mirzusko 1 Two people kudus semarang truck 05 August 2018
Augsburg → Bisuschio 422km Hitchhiked by Manchu 7 Alone First Time Visiting Friends Sightseeing Wow Short Distance truck

went further on A96 only to ramp-ons. The guy used to hitchhike himself or even still did it during kayaking

Very first Ride

I wanted to go to Varese to visit a friend of mine. I shared my first ride with a woman, left my phone there :D she used to hitchhike herself, when she was young. It gave me confidence (:

From Lindau to Ponte Tresa

A father and her daughter on their way home close to Lugano, where they had moved to. He named the mountains for me and also teached me some historical, geographical and other stuff. Super pleasent drive. Helped me to organize my route

Short ride to Lindau

Short ride to get to Lindau and on the track again

Ponte Tresa to Porto Ceresio

It was late. I was lucky to get a lift to the next village from the two ladies. The left me in a bar, the woman lived in the first floor or next door and offered me to stay, if I couldn't get to my final destination.

Going with a truck

A Truck-driver gave me a lift further on. We had a misunderstandig and I went some kilometers in the wrong direction with him. He was very sorry about this and upset. He was cute somehow, even offered me food, cigarettes and a coffee.

18 April 2014
Sendai → Hachinohe 309km Hitchhiked by Hazie 3
Two people japan winter truck japan winter japan winter

Truck! double ride!!

kitakami –> hachinohe –> ferry

first ride in a japanese lorry/truck this guy gave us two rides first he drove us to Hachinohe, dropped us right at a manga kissa where we could spend the night then picked us up from there in the morning and took us to the ferry point so we could catch our boat!!!!!!!!! amazing – japanese kindness luckily my travel friend, Fuzuki, was… (read on in Trip)

set off! hokkaido bound

I met my friend in Sendai (she came by bullet train from Nagoya lol) we went to the outskirts of Sendai and held our signs in hope of getting a ride.. the first ride to sooo long to get.. we walked further and further away from the city centre – we even thought we'd have to give up and try again the next day eveeentually a guy in a car stopped and took us to a better road!! he drove us to Izumi

kind meddler お節介

izumi –> kitakami

a middle aged guy then took us from Izumi to a few truck service areas to try and help us get our next ride we didn't need this help, but it wasss getting late and it did actually work we asked one truck driver but she was heading for kagoshima (opposite direction) she felt so bad she couldn't give us a ride that she gave us ボタンアメ which are… (read on in Trip)

08 February 2016
Golden → Revelstoke 148km Hitchhiked by Caribo0 1
Alone truck
21 February 2017
Kyiv city, Ukraine → Мінськ 579km Hitchhiked by Proggeo 3
Two people truck
18 September 2016
Vilnius, Vilniaus apskritis, Lietuva → Мінськ 184km Hitchhiked by Proggeo 2
Alone truck belorussian russian elder

Short Ride with Belorussian truck driver

Guy stopped for me just outside of Vilnius. I was hitching with sign to Minsk and he offered to take me a bit closer to the border. We traveled like 30 km but had time to talk a bit about Belarus, Kyiv and hitchhikers. It was nice to share with him that Kyiv is stable now and invite him to visit. He left me just outside of truck customs and I kept my journey going.

Ride to Minsk

Next driver who took me was elder from Russia, going from Kaliningrad to Kaluga to visit his son. I didn't want to touch politics but as soon as I mentioned my final destination is Kyiv, he started cursing Putin. Man had history with Soviet Union and hates Putin as well. Back in USSR he wanted to leave the country so they put them into mental hospital. He kept swearing on… (read on in Trip)

01 July 2015