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Sofia → Plovdiv 145km Hitchhiked by Gospodinbezkrai 2
Two people 2 local truck 1 taxi Minority

Аз знам и с 200 лв какво е, и с 4000!

11 July 2017
Asenovgrad → Plovdiv 18km Hitchhiked by Gospodinbezkrai 1
Two people taxi Minority

От Асеновград с такси

28 July 2018
Semarang → Klaten 112km Hitchhiked by Mirzusko 2 Two people Highway Patrol Caught semarang java indonesia taxi semarang klaten java indonesia 22 August 2018
Pudak, Tepus, Kabupaten Gunung Kidul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia → Yogyakarta City, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia 57km Hitchhiked by Mirzusko 4 Two people truck yogyakarta bus Traditional Dance yogyakarta java indonesia taxi 09 August 2018
Khoujir → Irkoutsk 286km Hitchhiked by Lois 7
Two people Russia Siberia Russia Siberia Russia Siberia Russia Siberia Russia Siberia taxi Russia Siberia Russia Siberia police
18 September 2017
Dubrovník → Herceg Novi 51km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 1 1
Two people Dubrovnik Herceg Novi Croatia Montenegro taxi

Dubrovnik - worst place to hitchhike to Montenegro so far

There were many good spots to hitchhike from Dubrovnik but many local residents are occupying the roadstops with their cars servings as a parking spot. They even build stairs directly connecting to the road! With that it is even hard to just walk pass it and not get run over by a car or a truck.

Eventually we said "fuck it" and went to take a bus. But that one was full,… (read on in Trip)

21 July 2015
Mostar → Sarajevo 126km Hitchhiked by Hobospirit 2
Alone Bosnia taxi free Yugoslavia

Old Bosnian Guy

Took me from Mostar to Konjic Blog Post

Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver took me from Konjic for free Blog Post

26 June 2013
Satun, Thailand → Krabi, Thailand 275km Hitchhiked by Flov 4
Alone misunderstanding taxi

Difficulties to get out of satun

I arrived by boat from satun and decided to take one of those little taxis to get a little bit out of town. I tried to explain the driver with the help of a map and my body language that I want to go out of town to hitchhike and NOT to the bus station. Of course he drove me to the bus station. I repeatedly tried to explain him that I want to go out of town and he drove me… (read on in Trip)

Bus full of children picks me up. But unfortunately only for 5 minutes

26 August 2013