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Valmiera → Silene 274km Hitchhiked by Gospodinbezkrai 8
Alone Gastarbeiter polish van 1 Elderly 3 Elderly 4 local truck 5 single woman 6 Crazy showed me around Elderly 7 Crazy 8

Пътуване на още по на север – ден 17

01 June 2016
Tallinn → Valmiera 264km Hitchhiked by Gospodinbezkrai 5
Alone single woman 1 showed me around 2 single woman 4 Belarussian Gastarbeiter TIR 5

Пътуване на още по на север – ден 16

31 May 2016
Moab → Salt Lake City 375km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 4 2
Alone single woman

Hwy 191 → Green River

A rad couple in a jeep turned around to pick me up. They had just been hitchhiking themselves recently, after a backpacking trip. We discussed hiking in Southern Utah and Colorado. They were excited to help me on my journey- really sweet people.

Green River → Dinosaur Quarry

Four men with a pickup truck stopped. They were heading to work at the dinosaur quarry. I hopped in the back. They offered me water, told me to stay safe, and warned me about Utah cops.

Dinosaur Quarry → Orem, UT

After a long wait in the desert, Annie picked me up and rearranged her car in order to give me a ride. What an amazing woman!! She had just finished up a trip paddle boarding down the green river, and had so many wonderful travel stories. From her time in Kenya to her work as a fiber artist to her childhood growing up in a Mormon household, there was so much that was shared. I… (read on in Trip)

Moab → North of Arches

Matt, whose partner is doing community rebuilds, offered to give me a ride north of town. Really sweet guy, we talked about intentional communities and visions for the future.

about 1 month ago
Mesa → Escalante 826km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 7 4
Alone pickup pickup evangelist single woman single woman

Camp Verde → Flagstaff

Another pickup truck. This one belonged to a hunter who wanted to help me out. He drove me to Flagstaff and offered to buy me McDonald's if I was hungry.

Bryce Canyon Junction → Escalante

I had the longest wait of the day in this spot. It wasn't the optimal time to be heading East, most of the traffic was heading to the national park. A Russian hitchhiker named Maxim walked up to me while I was trying to catch a ride. He said the U.S. is the worst place for hitchhiking— very contrary to my experience. He then said that the fastest way to hitchhike is as a… (read on in Trip)

Escalante → Campsite

A few cars passed me until a father/daughter duo stopped. Nice people, they weren't going far, but they new of a sweet dispersed camping spot near the highway up ahead. They dropped me off there as the sun was setting.

Mesa → Pine

An ex military helicopter pilot named Buzz picked me up. Regailed me with stories from his youth, and about how much Arizona has changed over the decades.

Pine → Camp Verde

A woman pulled over and told me to hop in the back of her pickup. She sped the whole way to the I-17 and handed me a Bible tract when she dropped me off.

Hwy 12 Junction → Bryce Canyon Junction

Amélie, a woman from Paris, picked me up. She lives in Mexico most of the year working as a scuba divimg instructor. Now she's on a solo roadtrip around the states. "I feel like the world is my home."

Flagstaff → Junction of UT Hwy 12 north of Hatch

Matt, a young libertarian picked me up. We discussed anarchy, politics, feminism, and he was open minded and engaging. He is ex-military, grew up conservative. Interested in quitting his job and sailing around the world. Has hitchhiked from time to time in the past.

about 1 month ago
Topolovo → Plovdiv 36km Hitchhiked by Gospodinbezkrai 2
Two people TIR local truck 1 single woman 2

Разходка до Тополово

19 May 2017
Aksakovo → Plovdiv 394km Hitchhiked by Gospodinbezkrai 8
Two people Minority Big shot 2 van Minority 6 Elderly 7 Big shot 8 single woman 1

До Измаил и назад – отсечка 5

10 months ago
Galați → Reni 25km Hitchhiked by Gospodinbezkrai 3
Two people mutra 2 single woman Elderly 3 made a detour for me Elderly 1

До Измаил и назад – отсечка 3

10 months ago
Brezovo → Plovdiv 39km Hitchhiked by Gospodinbezkrai 1
Two people single woman

До Розовец и назад

11 months ago
Plovdiv → Rozovets 56km Hitchhiked by Gospodinbezkrai 5
Two people Elderly 3 single woman 5

До Розовец и назад

11 months ago
Edinburgh → Newcastle upon Tyne 193km Hitchhiked by Gospodinbezkrai 3
Two people Crazy Minority caravan 3 showed me around 2 whole family single woman 1

Изпуснахме рейса от Глазгоу

25 June 2018
Leipzig → Munich 429km Hitchhiked by Gospodinbezkrai 5
Two people 2 single woman made a detour for me 3 single woman made a detour for me 5 Kurdish Gastarbeiter 1 Bulgarians abroad Gastarbeiter TIR 4

Малко Германия – прибиране

about 2 months ago
Moab → Capitol Reef, Utah, USA 225km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 3 2
Alone single woman long wait RV

Moab → I-70 and Hwy 24

Ellie turned around to pick me up and she was amazing! She drove 30 miles out of her way to drop me in a good spot, ensuring I'd only have to wait for one ride (rather than two). She was just returning to Colorado after doing humanitarian work on the Mexican/Texas border. We talked about border-related activism, spirituality, approaching fear, and utopic world visions. A lovely ride.

Arches National Park Entrance Station → Moab

I waited for hours in the cold rain- several cars stopped for me, but all were heading to Moab (south) rather than my direction, north. The spot was less than ideal, and I stayed for too long. Eventually, I decided to get a ride down to Moab and try from there- Leftie gave me a ride the few miles into town, and I warmed up a bit before walking back out to the highway,

I-70 and Hwy 24 → Fruita, UT

I had been dropped off in the middle of the desert, no facilities for 40+ miles in any given direction. The sun was on the verge of setting. Six cars passed me in 50 minutes- the seventh stopped. Joan and Mike were from Minnesota and were edging toward the end of their road trip. Nice people, I gave them recommendations for what to do in the area, and we discussed history and travel.

9 months ago
Moab → Arches Scenic Dr, Utah, USA 21km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 3 3
Alone single woman

Moab → Arches National Park Entrance Station

A young Frenchwoman from the hostel I was staying in kindly offered me a ride. We chatted about hitchhiking alone.

Arches National Park Entrance Station → Double Arch

An older French couple picked me up after I had been waiting not even 30 seconds. They ended up driving me down the scenic drive, and we hiked together to a few different arches and viewpoints- I spoke rudimentary French, and they spoke broken English, and we enjoyed each others company.

Double Arch → Visitor Center

A man who works for USGS picked me up. We talked about hiking and geology.

9 months ago
Escalante → Fruita 119km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 1
Two people single woman police encounter

A sheriff had us walk a few miles out of town before we could hitchhike. A monsoon was threatening when a Swiss woman picked us up. She was psyched about the red rocks. She had just quit her job of 20+ years back home and was on an adventure, excited about the unknown.

13 July 2018
Capitol Reef, Utah, USA → Escalante 120km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 5 3
Two people single woman single woman family family family single woman

Capitol Reef National Park → Torrey

A woman on a road trip from California picked us up. She worked as a doctor and had just competed in an Ultimate Frisbee competition

Torrey → Singletree Campground

A mother and her daughter were going camping. The mother told her daughter “See? Look at the interesting and nice people you can pick up who are hitchhiking?”

Singletree Campground → Boulder

A middle-aged couple from Oklahoma picked us up. We hopped in the back of their pick-up (Emily's first time riding in the back of a truck!). They were super friendly- offered us sandwiches and checked in to make sure we were doing all right during the ride.

Ride to a better spot

A man named David Holiday and his 10 year old son picked us up. He told us he had just hitchhiked from central Mexico a few months before and thought we were brave.

Boulder → Escalante

Amber, the owner of a local cafe, and her daughter picked us up. A really cool woman!

13 July 2018
San Francisco → Portland 1,088km Hitchhiked by Lois 6
Alone United States North California United States North California United States North California North California United States single woman North California Oregon United States North California United States

Tow truck

Got picked up by an nice indian guy tow truck driver till Petaluma. We listened some good reggae music and talked about music festivals.

Petaluma -> Santa Rosa

In 20 minutes I got picked up in Petaluma to go to Santa Rosa by Carlos who is working in a grocery shop. We talked a lot about life in America and California very interesting conversation. This guy is making his own cider!!!

Hippy powaa

Picked up by 2 hippies. Very good music in the car. Nice conversation about traveling. The guy spent 1 year traveling in a school bus on the west coast of the US with other hippies. They drove me to Ukiah.

Too picky :/

The gas station from Laytonville is a perfect spot. Hippy town, lots of people propose you a ride but most of them aren't going far. I was expecting to find a direct ride to Eureka or Arcata. But no one was going more far than half way to Garberville. By misunderstanding I refused a ride to Fortuna which is almost in Eureka. But when I asked to the girl where is Fortuna, she… (read on in Trip)

Changing final destination

My objective was to go to Portland, thinking to cut the trip in 3. For the first day I was hoping to reach at least Eureka or Arcata. I arrived late in Garberville. I could see from the start that there was not much traffic through the town at that time and also that a lot of people were hanging out, probably here to trim and try to find jobs in the local farms… So not… (read on in Trip)

Local guy

Definitely more people are ready to pick hitchhikers on the northern part of California! Refused 3 rides from people going just to the next town. A guy even stopped when I was sitting on the grown having a break eating, not even actively hitchhiking (and no sign). Finally got picked up to go till Laytonville. Californian nice guy, coming from a very big family (9 brothers and… (read on in Trip)

28 June 2018
Capitol Reef, Utah, USA → Boulder 75km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 1
Alone single woman

Capitol Reef National Park → Boulder, UT

I waited about 10 minutes before a single woman named Sam picked me up. She's a backpacking guide with cool stories and interesting perspectives. Used to do wildland fire. Originally was just going to drive me to Torrey but ended up taking me all the way to Boulder. A really rad woman who might end up hitchhiking herself someday soon!

29 June 2018
Grand Wash Trailhead, highway 24, Torrey, UT → Capitol Reef National Park Visitor Center 7km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 1 Alone single woman family

Hitchhiked from a trailhead home after a beautiful 10 mile hike. A Mormon woman named Cindy picked me up in a minivan, I sat between three of her kids. She has family history in the area and shared anecdotes about her recent ancestors' lives.

26 May 2018
Chandler → Catalina Foothills 149km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 4 2
Two people single woman

Chandler → Coolidge

A kind Akimel O'odham family picked us up on the edge of the Gila River reservation. Mother, father, and one year old daughter. They went out of their way to drive us to a good spot.

Florence → Catalina

Interesting character feom Oracle picked us up in Florence and drove us to Catalina, out of his way. We discussed prison abolition.

Coolidge → Florence

A middle aged white man in a yellow jeep picked us up. He had hiked 700 miles of the PCT years prior and remembered what it was like to wait for rides.

Catalina → Tucson

A single woman picked us up and drove us into Tucson. She had never picked up anyone before, and had never encounteres female hitchhikers.

24 March 2018
Rostock → Stettin 261km Hitchhiked by Mariesophie 4 2
Alone single woman sexual harassment be straightforward van field trip

I don't want to visit your farm

A man in his 50s picked me up, we talked for a while, he showed me pictures of his pregnant girlfriend and his farm nearby. Everything seemed alright, until he started making hints to sexual topics: that his mother-in-law secretly wanted his D and that he knew she was waiting for him to give it to her, but that he was looking for someone younger, that I should come visit his… (read on in Trip)

The boss says it's fine

I asked a group of young men at a petrol station if they had some space left in their van, which I estimated to be quite improbable, given the fact that there were six of them. They didn't seem to understand and told me to wait for "the boss". "The boss", as they proceeded to call him, turned out to be the head of the refugee orphanage they were returning to after having spent… (read on in Trip)

09 August 2016
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