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Tiranë → Iljas 220km Hitchhiked by Hrnstnr 8
Two people couple polish drone
24 days ago
Valmiera → Silene 274km Hitchhiked by Gospodinbezkrai 8
Alone 1 van polish Gastarbeiter 3 Elderly 4 Elderly 5 local truck 6 single woman 7 Elderly showed me around Crazy 8 Crazy

Пътуване на още по на север – ден 17

01 June 2016
Riga → Tallinn 310km Hitchhiked by Ansismalins 2
Alone polish estonian

The Sleep Deprived Truck Driver

Got picked up in Carnikava at a bus stop on Via Baltica and dropped off just outside Tallinn. The truck driver was scarily sleep deprived, but still managed to drive straight no problem. PROTIP: shrugging your shoulders keeps you awake and alert.

Just Some Estonian Guy

Picked me up just south of Tallinn and took me a little further to a local bus stop.

03 July 2014