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Escalante → Fruita 119km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 1
Two people single woman police encounter

A sheriff had us walk a few miles out of town before we could hitchhike. A monsoon was threatening when a Swiss woman picked us up. She was psyched about the red rocks. She had just quit her job of 20+ years back home and was on an adventure, excited about the unknown.

13 July 2018
Plymouth → Jackson 114km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 2
Alone police encounter

Plymouth → Campton

A hard-of-hearing man in his 80's drove me 10 miles up the road. He dropped me off on the highway, where I waited until highway patrol came and told me to hitch from the on ramp.

Campton → White Mountains

A woman named Colleen and her seventeen year old daughter Elizabeth picked me up. They stopped at a restaurant and offered to buy me a vegan sandwich and convinced me I should come camping with them in the White Mountains. I was effectively adopted for the next 24 hours. We cooked over a campfire, played cards, and planned hikes for the next day. A really sweet family, they… (read on in Trip)

16 July 2017
Woodstock → Asheville 320km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 9 3
Two people family single woman single woman police encounter single woman

Canton → Jasper

A couple just going for a drive offered to drive us a ways. It was their 5 year old son's birthday.

Jasper → Blue Ridge

A German woman who lives in Blue Ridge picked us up.

Mineral Bluff → Culberton

Two older conservative women stopped for us. "Are you girls crazy???" They had never picked up hitchhikers before, but felt they had to stop for us.

Culberton → Murphy

Lee, originally from San Antonio, drove us to Murphy on his way to Walmart.

Murphy → Andrews

This man saw us before he went into Walmart and thought "I'll give them a ride if they're still out there when I'm done." We were still out there, so he offered to drive us to the next town over. Ex-army, married with 2 kids. Said he wished more people who claim Christianity actually followed Christ's teachings.

Andrews → Asheville

Brian was awesome! He lives in Asheville and offered us his couch, and gave us many recommendations for what to do in the city. We discussed veganism, feminism, racism, activism, and nonviolent communication.

Blue Ridge → Mineral Bluff

Two women from Tennessee picked us up. Their accents were very distinct! Referred to us as "you'ins" instead of "y'all." Warned us that there is a lot of drug addiction in the area.

Holly Springs → Canton

Another woman drove us to the next town. Talked about fly fishing and owning her own land.

Woodstock → Holly Springs

After standing at the on ramp for 30 minutes, 2 police showed up. The Concerned Citizens of Woodstock had reported 2 teenager girls were trying to hitchhike (we are 24 and 26 years old lol.) The police were cordial with us and wished us luck. After another 30 minutes, a woman named Kathy drove us a few exits up. She works as a cleaner, and said if she wasn't heading to work… (read on in Trip)

02 March 2017
Gila Bend → San Diego 460km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 3 2 3
Two people police encounter

Failed attempt to hitch out of Phoenix

Police harassed us and threatened to arrest us if we attempted to hitchhike. They told us hitchhiking was certain death, and that they were only protecting us. A police officer escorted us to a regional bus stop and bought us $5 tickets to Gila Bend. He instructed us to take the Greyhound once we got there; upon arrival we ignored his instructions, walked down the I-8 a ways,… (read on in Trip)

Gila Bend → Yuma

A business man heading to Yuma picked us up. Unfortunately because of the situation with the police earlier that day, by the time we arrived in Yuma the sun was about to set. We explored the city and camped in an abandoned lot for the night.

Yuma → San Diego

The next morning we were having no luck hitching from the on ramp. After an hour's wait, we walked through some fields and climbed directly onto the interstate. After 5 minutes, a nice couple (the mom and dad type) picked us up. They were very concerned for our well-being. They drove us straight to San Diego and dropped us off at Balboa Park.

10 November 2011