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Trier → Metz 110km Hitchhiked by Gospodinbezkrai 5
Alone 2 French Gastarbeiter 3 Banitcharka 4 police

Северна Франция – ден 1

Was left at the motorway at Thionville. Despite a huge traffic jam, cars moving super slowly and so many of them, noone took me. In 10 min the police came – apparently many people called me. Drove me out to the roundabout of the small town and warned me that if they catch me a third time (this was the first!) they will drive me to the police station and fine me 90 euro.

01 October 2012
Saint Louis → Dakar 262km Hitchhiked by Dadzios 1
Alone senegal Crazy good ride police

Easy senegal

I was so tired after my experience hitchhiking and also paying for the ride but this one went quite well. I had to get out of the town as far as I could and after some talking with police they stop me a car all the way to Dakar. Unfortunately, I had to pay some money but here is normal. You hitchhike and pay some money to the drivers. IT was a very nice ride without any problems.

23 February 2019
Bahía Tortugas → Ensenada 849km Hitchhiked by Lois 3
Alone police Mexico Baja California Mexico Baja California Pervert Social Hitchhiking Mexico Baja California

Federal Police

For the last few km to Ensenada, the night was falling, I started to hitchhike close to a gas station. The gas station was on my back and didn't see there was a federal police car behing me (which you usually try to avoid n Mexico). I heard someone hailing me and turn to discover it was a federal policeman in his car… He asked me where I was going and picked me up till… (read on in Trip)

Pervert old mexican truck driver

Got picked up in Bahia Tortugas by an old truck driver. He drove me till Vizcaino, we left at 21:00 and before leaving offered me to sleep in the passenger sit of the truck for the night. I needed to be in Vizcaino before 8am the next morning to catch another ride to Ensenada. He started first to try to put his hand on my leg several times. I was sitting on the right the… (read on in Trip)

Social hitchhiking

On the morning, I had another ride which I call a social hitchhiking ride. I had met a german traveller earlier that month who told she went down Baja with a very cool truck driver. At the end the guy told her that if she needed another ride he was doing Ensenada-La Paz once or twice a week and so she could call him and he gave her his phone number. When I met her she told me… (read on in Trip)

05 June 2018
Dahab → Taba 139km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 3
Alone paid police police

Nice Janitors

Two nice guys who drove me to the main road checkpoint. Didn't ask for money like almost everyone in Dahab and were really happy to take a foreigner.

Two Guys Delivering Something

Two guys in a pick up truck, one of whom spoke a little English, which combined with my poor Arabic worked great. A policeman at a checkpoint actually hitched them for me, which was awesome as I'd only waited about 5 minutes and they were going directly to Taba. Was a little reluctant to add this trip since they did ask for money at the end of the ride and I gave them about… (read on in Trip)

Cops Detain Me and Hitch My Last Egyptian Ride

The police were pretty agitated to see a foreigner in a regular Egyptians' car – only taxis are allowed to take foreigners, although Egyptians can hitch just fine… They were also pretty pissed off at me, saying "no money, no money" before I had a chance to explain myself. Was stuck at the checkpoint for 2 hrs (with them not allowing me to leave on foot, even though Taba was… (read on in Trip)

05 November 2017
Khoujir → Irkoutsk 286km Hitchhiked by Lois 7
Two people Russia Siberia Russia Siberia Russia Siberia Russia Siberia Russia Siberia taxi Russia Siberia Russia Siberia police
18 September 2017
Chattanooga → Knoxville 176km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 5
Alone money police

Two Girl-friends

Two kind friends on their way to work. Had an interesting chat about life, one of them had become pregnant at 14 years old. Gave me about $30 because I reminded her of her son… Great start for Tennessee after failing in Atlanta.

Carpenter in a Pickup Truck

Another super-short wait in Tennessee. The guy was really nice and was self-employed as a carpenter. He wasn't able to go to college because he was dyslexic. Stopped at McDonalds and bought breakfast for both of us. Supported Trump and believed Obama was set on destroying America. Eventually decided to go a bit further to get me to a good spot and stopped at a gas station,… (read on in Trip)

Hitching in a Thunderstorm...

With a thunderstorm slowly approaching, I tried to hitch at an Interstate on-ramp. After about an hour, it started pouring down and I could hear thunder fairly nearby so I sought shelter at a nearby gas station. I wasn't allowed to hitch there due to "company policy", so I grabbed a burger and moved on to the competition next door and started asking around without permission…. (read on in Trip)

The Silent Couple

Fairly long wait in the Tennessee sun. I eventually made a sign saying "Euro Student on Budget" to make sure people didn't mistake me for a junkie/homeless person. Had a local cop pull over to check my ID, which took about 20 minutes while he stared at my UK driver's license and my Slovak passport, constantly radioing to god-knows-where. After that, some Asian family stopped… (read on in Trip)

17 April 2017
Orlando → Tampa 127km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 3
Alone police police

Venezuelan Truck Driver

Wanted to hitch at the airport, but got kicked out by airport police. But they were nice and gave me a ride back to the bus terminal. Took a bus to the nearest onramp and hitched a truck with a Venezuelan guy. He spoke very little English, but I managed to use the few Spanish words I knew and we communicated at a decent level. Showed each other pictures of our families and… (read on in Trip)

Good Ride from a Terrible Spot

The onramp was fairly busy, but about 30 minutes into my wait a state tropper first honked his horn and flashed his lights at me from afar (which I had no clue was for me) and then pulled over and told me to get the hell away from the on-ramp. I complied as he was right under Florida law and asked if it was okay to hitch on the road leading to the ramp, which he didn't mind…. (read on in Trip)

Free Lyft Ride!

I decided to call it a day and use some Lyft credit that a friend gave me to get me to the nearest bus stop to town. The driver asked if I was going Downtown and that he could take me there, but I declined. He said he waa going there anyway and that he'd only charge me the minimum fare (which was covered by the free credit) and take me Downtown for free. Turns out he himself… (read on in Trip)

10 April 2017
Jl. Tol Tembalang-Banyumanik, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia → Banyumanik, Semarang City, Central Java, Indonesia 3km Hitchhiked by Mirzusko 1
Alone semarang java police

Hitchhiked on a toll-road/highway

Thumbing for almost an hour while holding a sign but no one pulled over. A police car pulled over stating that hitchhiking is prohibited while I was still thumbing. They asked me to get out but I didn't and explained to them how hitchhiking works. They were mean at first but became considerate after my explanation. I didn't get fine or punishment but a lift instead to a bus station nearby :)

08 February 2016
Bryne → Kaunas 2,003km Hitchhiked by Rytis 27 1 1 Alone police

I hitched a police car.

I was standing on a highway near Fjalkinge in Sweden when a police car stopped beside and told me it is illegal to stand there. i asked them to bring me to the nearest gas station, which they did. The police guys were friendly :).

24 July 2014
Fray Bentos → Atlantida 337km Hitchhiked by Platschi 7
Alone police

My first police car in Uruguay

Technically, it's the second, but this was the first police car stopping freely when hitching along the road. Was even allowed to sit in the front, with all that mate stuff around. Uruguayo police, yay!

07 May 2014