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Dahab → Taba 139km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 3
Alone paid police police

Nice Janitors

Two nice guys who drove me to the main road checkpoint. Didn't ask for money like almost everyone in Dahab and were really happy to take a foreigner.

Two Guys Delivering Something

Two guys in a pick up truck, one of whom spoke a little English, which combined with my poor Arabic worked great. A policeman at a checkpoint actually hitched them for me, which was awesome as I'd only waited about 5 minutes and they were going directly to Taba. Was a little reluctant to add this trip since they did ask for money at the end of the ride and I gave them about… (read on in Trip)

Cops Detain Me and Hitch My Last Egyptian Ride

The police were pretty agitated to see a foreigner in a regular Egyptians' car – only taxis are allowed to take foreigners, although Egyptians can hitch just fine… They were also pretty pissed off at me, saying "no money, no money" before I had a chance to explain myself. Was stuck at the checkpoint for 2 hrs (with them not allowing me to leave on foot, even though Taba was… (read on in Trip)

05 November 2017