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Ottawa → Montreal 196km Hitchhiked by Lois 2
Alone montreal Quebec ottawa Ontario Canada montreal Quebec ottawa Ontario Canada

Ottawa to Nowhere

After 3h waiting time, about to give up finally Dave stopped and drove me halfway on the 417 at the exit to go to Hawkesbury where there is the Herb's gas station. Not many people there, almost no one going on the highway. Thought I was going to have to pinch my tent for the night!

Nowhere to Montreal

Finally I got very lucky and the second car getting onto the highway stopped to pick me up to Montreal. Temy and Aletta, 2 professional dancers who were going to teach a workshop in Montreal and stopped at the gas station to refill. Nice ride

6 months ago
Winnipeg → Ottawa 2,130km Hitchhiked by Lois 2
Alone Kenora Winnipeg Ontario Manitoba Canada ottawa Kenora Ontario Canada

Winnipeg to Kenora

After being dropped off on the Highway 1 by my host (thanks so much!), got picked up by Eric in 5 min for a first ride towards Kenora. Good ride, Eric used to hitchhike a lot as well.

Kenora to Ottawa

After 1h15 min waiting on the 17 north of Kenora, Marcel stopped to pick me up. He said he was going south of Ottawa. He has a pick up with a caravan. After what happened between Calgary and Winnipeg (You can read that on the Calagary->Moosomin trip), I try not to be to optimistic and stay on guard in case he turns to also be an asshole. But Passing Thunder Bay I agree to go… (read on in Trip)

6 months ago
Ottawa → Montreal 198km Hitchhiked by The_jaker 3
Two people Canada ottawa montreal 417 two persons april

Trip 3

a construction guy gave us a ride of 10 min ending at an other ramp somewhere where is nothing..

Trip 3

another random guy drove us 10min to a bigger ramp..

Trip 3

a ride from a ramp where you can get from cornwall on the 417 to montreal, drove us all the way to the outer ring of Montreal.

12 April 2017
Toronto → Ottawa 449km Hitchhiked by The_jaker 2
Two people Canada toronto ottawa oshawa aylmer two persons march

Trip 2

We had pure luck that the second guy picking us up at 8pm drove us directly to our couchsurfing in Aylmer near Ottawa!

Trip 2

We first got a ride to Oshawa. Bad place to hitchhike there at a ramp.. Heard Kingston is even worse.

24 March 2017