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Chattanooga → Knoxville 176km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 5
Alone money police

Two Girl-friends

Two kind friends on their way to work. Had an interesting chat about life, one of them had become pregnant at 14 years old. Gave me about $30 because I reminded her of her son… Great start for Tennessee after failing in Atlanta.

Carpenter in a Pickup Truck

Another super-short wait in Tennessee. The guy was really nice and was self-employed as a carpenter. He wasn't able to go to college because he was dyslexic. Stopped at McDonalds and bought breakfast for both of us. Supported Trump and believed Obama was set on destroying America. Eventually decided to go a bit further to get me to a good spot and stopped at a gas station,… (read on in Trip)

Hitching in a Thunderstorm...

With a thunderstorm slowly approaching, I tried to hitch at an Interstate on-ramp. After about an hour, it started pouring down and I could hear thunder fairly nearby so I sought shelter at a nearby gas station. I wasn't allowed to hitch there due to "company policy", so I grabbed a burger and moved on to the competition next door and started asking around without permission…. (read on in Trip)

The Silent Couple

Fairly long wait in the Tennessee sun. I eventually made a sign saying "Euro Student on Budget" to make sure people didn't mistake me for a junkie/homeless person. Had a local cop pull over to check my ID, which took about 20 minutes while he stared at my UK driver's license and my Slovak passport, constantly radioing to god-knows-where. After that, some Asian family stopped… (read on in Trip)

17 April 2017
Bozhurishte → Kalotina 43km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 1
Two people money

Bulgarian college professor

Neat guy who told us about his college. Gave us candy and money to buy snacks.

12 August 2015
Kruševac → Sarajevo 333km Hitchhiked by Uncle_sam01 7
Two people veteran hitchhiker money

Really awesome old hitch-hiker

Older guy in a Honda SUV, used to be a hitch-hiker himself. Told us many stories from his trips around Europe in the 80's (even in Czechoslovakia). Took us really far into Bosnia and gave us each RSD 2,000, for old times' sake!

Random guys saw us hitching, invited us for a drink

They had a a company in their garage, made some steel structures and machines. Really cool people, gave us food, water and took us to the nearest junction.

Guy in an old car

Odd guy in an older car. Asked if we were christian and replied "not good", when I told him that I wasn't. Dropped us off at the most scenic curve in southern Serbia and gave us each an apple and a pear – "organic, no chemistry!"

Friendly trucker

Really friendly trucker, stopped in the middle of a town and we asked if he could take us, which he did. New Slovakia, liked it (more than the Czech Republic, where someone stole fuel from his truck) and had Slovak cigarettes.

Two cousins

Two funny cousins, took us in an older BMW, joked about paying for the ride.

Three Austrian-Bosnians

Mother and her two daughters on their way from Montenegro to Sarajevo. Took us from a relatively desperate location in the middle of nowhere in Republika Srpska. She said she always takes hitch-hikers and told we a great conversation in German. She also managed to get away with going in the wrong direction right in front of the police.

13 August 2015
Kuala Lumpur → Butterworth 346km Hitchhiked by Mirzusko 1 1
Two people Kuala Lumpur gotmoney malaysia money

Got a lift and money in Kuala Lumpur

Started hitchhiking nearby the main train station in Kuala Lumpur (KL Sentral). The spot was towards to the toll road/highway (E1), it's close to Le Meridien Hotel.

Generally, Malaysians have no idea how hitchhiking works. Lots of taxi drivers were pulling over thinking we'd like to get in and pay the taxi meter for going to Penang (how much should we pay for… (read on in Trip)

18 January 2014
Banyuwangi → Probolinggo 192km Hitchhiked by Flov 2
Alone money

Took the Bemo out of town, which cost me 5000 rs, so not really a real hitchhike

Getting rid of taxis and bemos

Hitchhiking in Java works! Once you are on the main road which leads to the main cities like Surabaya, Yogyakarta or Jakarta, you easily find good cars, which have space to take you. It took me about 15 minutes to get picked up from just behind where the ferry is stopping from Java, but in those 15 minutes I needed to get rid of about 10 bemos and several motor cyclists… (read on in Trip)

11 July 2013