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Takehara → Préfecture de Kanagawa, Japon 761km Hitchhiked by Lois 5
Two people japan Chugoku Social Hitchhiking japan Chugoku japan Chugoku Kansai japan Kansai japan Kansai
22 March 2018
Nara → Takehara 329km Hitchhiked by Lois 4
Three people japan Kansai japan Kansai japan Chugoku japan Chugoku
19 March 2018
Kyōtango → Osaka 166km Hitchhiked by Lois 1
Two people japan Kansai Social Hitchhiking
16 March 2018
Miyazu → Kyōtango 62km Hitchhiked by Lois 2
Two people japan japan
14 March 2018
Ōtsu → Miyazu 145km Hitchhiked by Lois 3
Two people japan japan japan
12 March 2018
Hiroshima → Takehara 53km Hitchhiked by Lois 1
Alone Asshole Pervert japan Chugoku Bad experience

Creepy young japanese

Heavy rainy day. I had just around 50-60km to hitchhike. I decided for once to hitchhike during the afternoon and started around 16:00. I know that it isn't the best time to start and that it is statistically where some people with creepy mind and bad intention can stop, well this one was a perfect example of it.

Nothing happened at the end but I'm deeply persuaded that… (read on in Trip)

28 February 2018
Takehara → Kobe 269km Hitchhiked by Lois 4
Alone japan Chugoku Social Hitchhiking japan Chugoku japan Chugoku Kansai japan Kansai

Social hitchhiking

My host in Takehara offered me to give me a ride to drop me off in a gas station on the highway in the good direction as he had to go for a meeting for his job. That is what I call "Social hitchhiking" :)

Japanese student

Ino picked me up for 30km on the highway. She is a student on her spring break. And was speaking a very good english!

Father and son

After a very long waiting time (The longest in my all hitchhiking experience), a father and his son picked me up on their way back home in Osaka. The father was speaking a little bit english. He offered me some traditional japanese sweets called "Kibi"


2 salary men on the way back to their office picked me up and made a detour to drop me off where I was staying in Kobe. They was speaking few english.

02 March 2018
Itoshima → Nagasaki 142km Hitchhiked by Lois 3
Alone japan Kyushu japan Kyushu japan Kyushu

Dejima bridge

A guy and his soon picked me up. They were barely speaking english but we could talk using translators on the phone. This guy is an employee of the company who rebuilt the Dejima bridge (If you visit Nagasaki and are interested in history, I advice you to go to visit the Dejima Museum, it as very interesting).

Cabriolet :p

My first ride in Japan was in a Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet! I had never been in a so fancy and expensive car in my life… Conclusion, it's not very big my backpack was taking fully filling the trunk… and it's not very comfortable… But Hell! It was a cabriolet!!! Well we couldn't open the roof as temperatures are around 0°C in Japan now :/

2 friends picked me up and made a detour to drop me off in the Nagasaki Highway on a service area. We had a lot of fun trying to speak and understand each other.

26 January 2018
Itoshima → Hiroshima 300km Hitchhiked by Lois 2
Alone japan Kyushu japan Kyushu Chugoku

Itoshima - Koga

A policeman on his day off with his wife and 3 years old daughter. They offered me some coffee :D

Koga - Hiroshima

An mechanic engineer travelling for work (Itoshima – Yamaduchi – Osaka). He picked me up in Koga where he offered me some tea. Then we drove till Yamaguchi where he offered me lunch and where he had to stop for a meeting for an hour (I waited in the car) and then drove me to Hiroshima on his way home to Osaka.

26 February 2018
Kagoshima → Fukuoka 288km Hitchhiked by Lois 2
Alone japan Kyushu japan Kyushu
21 February 2018
Yomitan → Naha 28km Hitchhiked by Lois 2
Alone japan Okinawa japan Okinawa
17 February 2018
Nagasaki → Unzen 62km Hitchhiked by Lois 2
Alone japan Nagasaki japan Nagasaki
30 January 2018
Chatan → Naha 21km Hitchhiked by Lois 1
Two people japan Okinawa
04 February 2018
Naha → Chatan 16km Hitchhiked by Lois 1
Alone japan Okinawa
03 February 2018
Kumamoto → Kagoshima 173km Hitchhiked by Lois 2
Alone japan Kyushu japan Kyushu
02 February 2018
Unzen → Shimabara 18km Hitchhiked by Lois 1
Alone japan Kyushu
31 January 2018
Osaka Prefecture, Japan → Tokyo, Japan 493km Hitchhiked by Hazie 6
Two people japan spring japan spring japan spring japan spring japan spring japan spring

home at last

SIXTH ride shizuoka –> yoga TOKYO with nobu

a couple who were interested in america took us back to tokyo (yaay) i didn't really speak to them, though they were interesting drivers nobu did all the talking and was insulting british food every japanese seems to do that (it gets dull) well, it took 6 rides and so many hours more than the typical trip, but i made it… (read on in Trip)

heading home

First ride Osaka –> SA – by Suzu (a hithchiker i met the previous day who let me stay at his place) useful to get started from a SA

collecting hitchhikers!!

second ride SA –> Nagoya SA with another hitchhiker, Kazu

this guy spoke a lot and i didnt really know him, but we got to another SA

Personally, i don't really like going to SAs at busy times of day.. people just take you

from SA to SA which is good, but if you start from a roadside it's easier to get someone who is going

further along your path hmmmm

off course

third ride SA –> Nagoya with Nobu, another hitchhiker

I met a guy called Nobu at a SA and we both were at the same uni in Tokyo and headed

back to Tokyo together! I think hitchhiking as a pair slowed us down a bit…. it took all day to get back, but

it was fine I usually hitchhike in the evenings, so i can enjoy the day and sunshine before spending lots of time… (read on in Trip)

getting there

fourth ride kurozasa SA –> hamamatsu with Nobu

only one minute wait and we were on the way again, gooddd an old guy took us

dnt use english pls

fifth ride hamamatsu SA –> shizuoka with nobu

a masked guy took us he tried to speak english to me lol he thought i couldnt speak japanese hm

23 March 2016
Hiroshima → Osaka Prefecture, Japan 336km Hitchhiked by Hazie 5
Alone japan spring japan spring

another hitchhiker!

whilst waiting in the dark to get the last stretch to osaka, another hitchhiker approached me and he was also heading to Osaka!! before we could finish self introductions, a truck pulled up and said he'd take us to Osaka coooool let's gooo! i asked the guy to take me to a manga kissa, but the other hitchhiker said i could stay his place instead!! cooool! his name was Suzu,… (read on in Trip)

long return

miyajima SA –> diff SA

strange events i got from osaka to hiroshima in 2 rides but the return proved to be harder as everyone was taking holiday at this point suddenly!! there were several other hitchhikers around, i bumped into 4 and met others!

first ride – two women who wanted to become british lol maybe 40 years old they had an interest in the uk super friendly

21 March 2016
Takehara → Hiroshima 60km Hitchhiked by Hazie 2
Alone japan spring night japan spring night

how cheap can i get

takehara –> hiroshima

there was a train for this journey but it was 1500 yen so i decided to return by hitchhiking i spent the day at the rabbit island near takehara

i shamelessly stood by a supermarket til someone eventually took me to the motorway quite far away it wasn't really a great position and it wasn't a good time of night but, it worked! the guy spoke… (read on in Trip)

hiroshima bound

takehara Lawson –> hiroshima

it didnt take long for someone to stop a salaryman guy picked me up to take me to hiroshima he was kind but he said i was cute… he was old… weird but i made it

he initially took the road going the opposite direction !

19 March 2016
Osaka → Hiroshima-shi 327km Hitchhiked by Hazie 2
Alone japan spring japan spring night

kei car

osaka –> akashi SA normal guy in a Japanese 'kei car' took me to a service area it was kinda dark & i had a long wait at the service area


akashi SA –> hiroshima station

i waited a good amount of time at the service area before a car with a hiroshima number plate drove past me. it went righhhttt past me…. then turned around and came back! the passenger of the car pointed me out to the driver so they came back for me, how kind!! it only got stranger from then on though… as i got in, the driver said… (read on in Trip)

14 March 2016
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