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Istanbul → Izmir 472km Hitchhiked by Redfox 1
Two people turkey istanbul fantastic

First passing car brought us all the way

We reached the highway entrance in altunizade (istanbul), barely had time to lift our thumb, the very first passing car stopped… and brought us all the way to izmir, our destination. They were a couple going down to bodrum for a holiday. So nice! Hitchhiking in Turkey definitely feels like playing a video game in cheat mode.

17 June 2018
Sofía → Estambul, Provincia de Estambul, Turquía 549km Hitchhiked by Alejandro 1
Alone autostop hitchhike friends funny road sofia bulgaria istanbul turkey

I was in Italy, my friend was in Serbia and arranged to meet up together at Sofia and travel by hitchhiking to Istanbul. It took us about 11 hours and several cars: a former UN helicopter pilot with an interesting experience and background, a countryside man who could speak spanish, 2 turkish truck drivers, a smuggler and a guy under the effects of drugs

13 July 2017