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Eugene → Portland 178km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 3 1
Two people single woman couchsurf

Another man picked us up on the highway and drove us to Salem. He, too, recommended we see Multnomah Falls.

As I was standing on the highway, another hitchhiker approached me. His name was Oystein. He was a 23 year old Norwegian sporting a ukulele. We were both hitching to Portland so we decided to pair up. A man pulled over a few minutes later and drove us 20 minutes up the road. He was an interesting character, who recommended we see Multnomah Falls if we got the chance.

Karen picked us up in a Prius. She hitchhiked solo across the U.S. three times in the 70's. She was very excited to see young people "like us" hitchhiking and exploring. She was very taken by us, and wished we could meet her adolescent son to expose him to travelers. She invited us to stay the night at her home in the Columbia Gorge, offering to make us dinner and take us to… (read on in Trip)

02 October 2012
Redding → Grants Pass 287km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 1 1
Alone single woman couchsurf

There was a wildfire on the I-5, and I thought I would be stuck in (super sketchy) Redding for the night. Liz picked me up just as the sun was setting! We ended up talking for hours on the backed up highway, and she invited me to stay with her and her partner. We all went to a concert together, they showed me their small organic farm, and I slept on a sweet porch bed outside…. (read on in Trip)

26 September 2012