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Rostock → Stettin 261km Hitchhiked by Mariesophie 4 2
Alone single woman sexual harassment be straightforward van field trip

I don't want to visit your farm

A man in his 50s picked me up, we talked for a while, he showed me pictures of his pregnant girlfriend and his farm nearby. Everything seemed alright, until he started making hints to sexual topics: that his mother-in-law secretly wanted his D and that he knew she was waiting for him to give it to her, but that he was looking for someone younger, that I should come visit his… (read on in Trip)

The boss says it's fine

I asked a group of young men at a petrol station if they had some space left in their van, which I estimated to be quite improbable, given the fact that there were six of them. They didn't seem to understand and told me to wait for "the boss". "The boss", as they proceeded to call him, turned out to be the head of the refugee orphanage they were returning to after having spent… (read on in Trip)

09 August 2016