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Winnipeg → Ottawa 2,130km Hitchhiked by Lois 2
Alone Kenora Winnipeg Ontario Manitoba Canada ottawa Kenora Ontario Canada

Winnipeg to Kenora

After being dropped off on the Highway 1 by my host (thanks so much!), got picked up by Eric in 5 min for a first ride towards Kenora. Good ride, Eric used to hitchhike a lot as well.

Kenora to Ottawa

After 1h15 min waiting on the 17 north of Kenora, Marcel stopped to pick me up. He said he was going south of Ottawa. He has a pick up with a caravan. After what happened between Calgary and Winnipeg (You can read that on the Calagary->Moosomin trip), I try not to be to optimistic and stay on guard in case he turns to also be an asshole. But Passing Thunder Bay I agree to go… (read on in Trip)

14 April 2019
Moosomin → Winnipeg 349km Hitchhiked by Lois 1
Alone Winnipeg Moosomin Manitoba Saskatchewan Canada

Moosomin to Winnipeg

After being unpredictably staying for the night in a motel in Moosomin (because of the fucking pervert and asshole of the day before –> see previous trip), I started hitchhiking around 9:30am to go to Winnipeg. Traffic was pretty low, half very local. I finally got picked up after 40min by 2 very nice guys, Martin and Timon. We had very nice talks and I spent a good time… (read on in Trip)

12 April 2019