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Olympia → Port Angeles 186km Hitchhiked by Lois 1
Alone United States Washington State

Got a very cool invitation

After 1h30 waiting, got picked up by a retired man very cool guy. I saw me a first time, didn't stop and made a detour to come pick me up. He was living halfway around Hoodsport and offered to me to spend the night at his house and to drive me to Port Angeles the day after as he wanted to go to see a friend there.

20 July 2018
San Francisco → Portland 1,088km Hitchhiked by Lois 6
Alone United States North California United States North California United States North California North California United States single woman North California Oregon United States North California United States

Tow truck

Got picked up by an nice indian guy tow truck driver till Petaluma. We listened some good reggae music and talked about music festivals.

Petaluma -> Santa Rosa

In 20 minutes I got picked up in Petaluma to go to Santa Rosa by Carlos who is working in a grocery shop. We talked a lot about life in America and California very interesting conversation. This guy is making his own cider!!!

Hippy powaa

Picked up by 2 hippies. Very good music in the car. Nice conversation about traveling. The guy spent 1 year traveling in a school bus on the west coast of the US with other hippies. They drove me to Ukiah.

Too picky :/

The gas station from Laytonville is a perfect spot. Hippy town, lots of people propose you a ride but most of them aren't going far. I was expecting to find a direct ride to Eureka or Arcata. But no one was going more far than half way to Garberville. By misunderstanding I refused a ride to Fortuna which is almost in Eureka. But when I asked to the girl where is Fortuna, she… (read on in Trip)

Changing final destination

My objective was to go to Portland, thinking to cut the trip in 3. For the first day I was hoping to reach at least Eureka or Arcata. I arrived late in Garberville. I could see from the start that there was not much traffic through the town at that time and also that a lot of people were hanging out, probably here to trim and try to find jobs in the local farms… So not… (read on in Trip)

Local guy

Definitely more people are ready to pick hitchhikers on the northern part of California! Refused 3 rides from people going just to the next town. A guy even stopped when I was sitting on the grown having a break eating, not even actively hitchhiking (and no sign). Finally got picked up to go till Laytonville. Californian nice guy, coming from a very big family (9 brothers and… (read on in Trip)

28 June 2018
San Luis Obispo → Salinas 254km Hitchhiked by Lois 3
Alone California United States California United States California United States

Nice drive

Shaun pickep me up in San Luis Obispo and droped me off in Monterey. Very nice talks, cool HH experience.


After 4h waiting in Monterey, I finally got picked up to go to the next city to Seaside trying to change the HH spot. I got picked up by Kristen a singer. She gave me 1 of her albums (and it's very good music). She offered me to stay at her place in case I was getting stuck again. So nice!

Please don't go to Salinas

I was supposed to HH till San Francisco. But stayed blocked 4h in Monterey/Seaside. Changing HH spot I met 2 other girls from Canada, hitchhiking south. We were talking when a guy stopped asking if we needed a ride. We all jumped and went to Salinas back on the 101.

TO KNOW!! Salinas is very bad, I was really feeling unsafe as a solo female HHer there. If you can avoid it… (read on in Trip)

20 June 2018
Los Angeles → San Luis Obispo 276km Hitchhiked by Lois 5 2
Alone United States California United States California United States California United States California United States California

Classical Music Composer

I took the metro and the bus 534 to leave LA and start hitchhiking at the beginning of Malibu. After 45min I got picked up just for few miles by and an interesting man who is a classical music composer.


Got picked up then by a computer engineer. An indian guy very nice. Drove me till Santa Barbara.


In Santa Barbara, a mexican guy picked me up and drove me till Santa Maria. He was very interesting also. Ex-prisoner he is now changing is way of life and has the amazing project to build a house to help people in needs in Michuacan in Mexico. The construction has already started! He made a detour to drop me off more far than where he was supposed to at the beginning.

Small jumps and incredible hospitality

In Santa Maria, a very nice woman stopped and convinced me to come with her for just few miles where she knew there was a better spot to keep going (She was right!!). She gave me her phone number and told me to call her if I could not find a ride and she will come back to pick me up and offered me to stay at her home for the night and then on the morning she will drive me even… (read on in Trip)


I finally got my last ride for the day (I decided not to keep going till SF as the afternoon was already well advanced). A carpenter coming back from work offered me a ride till San Luis Obispo which will be my stop for the night.

20 June 2018
San Diego → Los Angeles 126km Hitchhiked by Lois 4
Alone United States California United States California United States California Pervert United States California

Hippy powaa

I started hitchhiking from Encinitas on the ramp on the highway 5 which is technically a good spot with traffic lights and a wide place for cars to pull over at the entrance of the on ramp on the left side. But I guess that the neighborhood isn't very HH-friendly… 45 min for a first car to stop (A father and his daughter), but they were really not going far enough. Then… (read on in Trip)

Not even time to reach the HH spot

After being droped off from my first ride, I was kind of studying the possibilities for the next HH spot. I wasn't even physically hitchhiking (no thumbs up, no sign…) just looking around and a guy at the traffic light opened his window and asked me if I needed a lift! Very nice guy who drove from Dana Point to Laguna Beach and talked to me a lot about this area.

Old mexican pervert (again)

An old mexican stopped to pick me up at the exit of Laguna Beach. When I got in he first touched me the leg and then put his hand on my back and I told him to stop right away. I didn't do it again but his first conversation topic was to know if I liked beaches and if I was wearing tangas… And then he tried to convince me that it was the women's fault if men were harrasing… (read on in Trip)

2 australian sailors

To end this trip I got picked up by 2 very nice australian guys who are sailing around the world. ery interesting people. They drove me till my final point on a metro station in Long Beach.

16 June 2018