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Zadar → Split 157km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 2 2
Two people Zadar Šibenik Croatia Šibenik Split Croatia

Dutch guys going to a national park

Took us from Zadar after some waiting at a gas station to a place near Šibenik to another gas station which was on our way to Split. Very friendly and natural people.

German-speaking mixture of guys gave us a ride

From that gas station we waited for a couple minutes, had coffee, it was alreay very dark so we needed either a ride FAST or we will sleep somewhere over a fence in that gas station :D. One car with three guys was there also and we were looking at each other for soem time, so they knew about us, it wasnt completelly random to ask them if they need help and if they can take us… (read on in Trip)

19 July 2015
Split → Dubrovnik 228km Hitchhiked by Hobospirit 1
Alone Chile Croatia Krka Split Dubrovnik

Two Chilean Guys

Hitchhiked with two Chilean guys on holidays in a rented car to krka Park then Dubrovnik. Blog Post

25 June 2013