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Arad → Bukareszt 578km Hitchhiked by Dadzios 1 Alone Romania

The driver was not nice

I catch a truck within a 30 minutes. It was a nice ride, untill the guy ask me for money. He was friendly but I didn't had a lot of money. I was hurry, that's why I gave him the money, but at the end he cheated on me and I had to walk 5 km to the Center of Bucharest.

18 November 2017
Vlăhița → Sinaia 167km Hitchhiked by Lois 4
Alone Romania Romania Romania taxi

Hitchhike a taxi passenger

I was at a gas station north of Brasov. I wanted to find a ride to go to the main road of Brasov which is going south to Bucharest. I asked a lift to someone but it happened that the guy was wainting for a taxi. I wanted to share the price of the taxi but he refused. So I had a free lift offered by the guy in a taxi to a good hitchhiking spot in the south of the city.

08 June 2017
Miercurea Ciuc → Vlăhița 24km Hitchhiked by Lois 1
Two people Romania
03 June 2017
Vlăhița → Miercurea Ciuc 25km Hitchhiked by Lois 1
Two people Romania
03 June 2017
Cluj-Napoca → Sibiu 172km Hitchhiked by Lois 1
Alone Romania
29 May 2017
Sibiu → Sighișoara 93km Hitchhiked by Lois 1
Alone Romania


First time I felt uncomfortable. I made the trip with one ride. I get in the car, the guy seemed nice. After a moment, he touched my arm slightly, showing my tattoo (I have one arm covered with a big tattoo). He didn't need to touch my arm to talk to me about the tattoo… So I was feeling that he wanted a bit more… Then at a moment, we had trouble to understand (he wasn't… (read on in Trip)

30 May 2017
Măgureni → Cluj-Napoca 117km Hitchhiked by Lois 3
Alone Romania Romania countryside Romania
26 May 2017
Brașov → Iași 305km Hitchhiked by Hobospirit 4
Alone Astra Romania Crazy Lost


First lift was a young Romanian guy called Coco in an Astra, he was very friendly. Blog Post about journey

Romanian Family

A romanian Family on there way home for a funeral colleccted me in Onesti and drove me to Bacau. The mother spoke some English

Crazy Romanian Gy

And older Romanian guy collected me at Bacau, he drove very fast and shouted abuse at gypsys. He got lost too but in the end brought me to Iasi. He was a bit mental but a funny guy. Blog Post

10 June 2014