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Macieira → Porto 49km Hitchhiked by Lois 3
Two people Hitchfest Portugal Hitchfest Portugal Hitchfest Portugal

Coming from the Hitchfest

Hitchhiking with another female partner. We were leaving the Hitchfest (Hitchhiking Festival) location (2 days after the end of the festival) to go to Porto. We got picked up first by a local, a young man Manuel who came enjoying the Hitchfest as well. Dropped us off in Lousada.

Local couple who also came to the Hitchfest

It seems that the Hitchfest got a very good hit on local people. Got picked up by a local couple, Manuela and Cristiano who also came to see the festival during the weekend before. They never picked up Hitchhikers before coming to the Hitchfest.

Last 15km

We got picked up by a Joaquim who had a meeting in Porto and dropped us off in the city center. Nice ride.

6 months ago