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Herceg Novi → Budva 66km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 1 1
Two people Herceg Novi Kotor Budva Montenegro

Awesome Russian family!

Just before lunch we went to hitchhike on the road in Herceg Novi (many good spots, you can even hitchhike directly on bus station). After a while we stopped a car with friendly Russian family going on a very long vacation in Montenegro. So they took us, they even stopped FOR US to take pictures of beautiful country at the motorests. Then, what we didnt even consider, they… (read on in Trip)

22 July 2015
Dubrovník → Herceg Novi 51km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 1 1
Two people Dubrovnik Herceg Novi Croatia Montenegro taxi

Dubrovnik - worst place to hitchhike to Montenegro so far

There were many good spots to hitchhike from Dubrovnik but many local residents are occupying the roadstops with their cars servings as a parking spot. They even build stairs directly connecting to the road! With that it is even hard to just walk pass it and not get run over by a car or a truck.

Eventually we said "fuck it" and went to take a bus. But that one was full,… (read on in Trip)

21 July 2015