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Ensenada → Tijuana 99km Hitchhiked by Lois 1
Two people Baja California Mexico

Racist and homophobic

We started hitchhiking at the gas station at the exit of the city. The mexican guy living in San Diego and working in Mexico and the US who picked us up started talking to us and was very racist and homophobic. He did drive us till Tijuana, but it was definitely a very neutral experience concerning conversation topics…

14 June 2018
Bahía Tortugas → Ensenada 849km Hitchhiked by Lois 3
Alone police Mexico Baja California Mexico Baja California Pervert Social Hitchhiking Mexico Baja California

Federal Police

For the last few km to Ensenada, the night was falling, I started to hitchhike close to a gas station. The gas station was on my back and didn't see there was a federal police car behing me (which you usually try to avoid n Mexico). I heard someone hailing me and turn to discover it was a federal policeman in his car… He asked me where I was going and picked me up till… (read on in Trip)

Pervert old mexican truck driver

Got picked up in Bahia Tortugas by an old truck driver. He drove me till Vizcaino, we left at 21:00 and before leaving offered me to sleep in the passenger sit of the truck for the night. I needed to be in Vizcaino before 8am the next morning to catch another ride to Ensenada. He started first to try to put his hand on my leg several times. I was sitting on the right the… (read on in Trip)

Social hitchhiking

On the morning, I had another ride which I call a social hitchhiking ride. I had met a german traveller earlier that month who told she went down Baja with a very cool truck driver. At the end the guy told her that if she needed another ride he was doing Ensenada-La Paz once or twice a week and so she could call him and he gave her his phone number. When I met her she told me… (read on in Trip)

05 June 2018
La Paz → Bahía Tortugas 1,231km Hitchhiked by Lois 1 Alone Sailing boat Mexico Baja California 03 May 2018
Ensenada → Maneadero 20km Hitchhiked by Lois 3
Two people Mexico Baja California Mexico Baja California Mexico Baja California
13 April 2018
Maneadero → Ensenada 27km Hitchhiked by Lois 1
Two people Mexico Baja California
13 April 2018