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Arnhem → Deva 1,736km Hitchhiked by Erthwalker 5
Alone Language Barrier Act of Kindness

A friend helped me on my way and brought me to Arnhem, The first German dude I approached agreed on bringing me to Frankfurt. Great dude, Retired lawyer with Interest in Natural Building.

At Frankfurt I approached a Car, then a Truck. Czech mister in Truck took me all the way to an Autohoff just before Passau. Due to lack of Languages we both could speak. the ride was quite quiet. Therefore rated Neutral

Many Romanian cars were present, Sadly non of them were able to take me with them, or didn't want to take me Fara Bani.

At some point I approached a Hungarian van Heading to Wien. The ride was great! Really cool guy, Great sense of Humor. Just a great ride! He even went out of his way to get me to the M4 towards Buda.

We arrived just passed Wien at 02:00

I slept outside for a couple of hours. Due to the extreme wind and the somewhat cold weather that didn't work so well. At 05:00 i was fully awake wandering the Gas Station.

not much later A Belgian Van with 3 Romanians in it Agreed to take me to Deva, Fara Bani! around 14:00 they dropped me just before Deva.

I intended to hitch on towards to Cluj. But walking to the… (read on in Trip)

Arriving at the Autohoff around 20:00. It looked like my hitch was over. Sleeping truckers and no traffic basically.

After some time a Belgian dude arrived to get gas. He had long hair and a beard, like me :))) He was heading to Belgium from Austria, after a little chat he offered to bring me to the next Gas station on the Autobahn towards Austria, I gladly accepted!

He… (read on in Trip)

29 February 2016