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Bordeaux → Plouër-sur-Rance 516km Hitchhiked by Lois 5
Alone Brittany France Gironde France Loire-Atlantique France Brittany Loire-Atlantique France Brittany France

Chateauneuf-Ille-et-Vilaine -> Plouer-sur-Rance

I was walking and hitchhiking at the same time as it was staying only 7km to my destination. On the way I got picked up by Laetitia for the short ride till Plouër-sur-Rance.

Bordeaux -> Niort

Guillaume was driving to Orleans for work and picked me up till Niort.

Niort -> Nantes

Guy was driving to Nantes for work, picked me up in Niort and drove me till Saint-Herblain (west part of Nantes).

Nantes -> Rennes

Met another hitchhiker at the entrance of the highway north of Nantes but was going towards Vannes (west) and I was going North. Mahmoud picked me up, and after 10 minutes asked me to hold his hand. I refused several times. he asked why, I said that we didn't know each other and I wasn't holding hands of people I don't know. Made me feel very uncomfortable, hoping all the way… (read on in Trip)

Rennes -> Chateauneuf-Ille-et-Vilaine

A great encounter. Martine was coming back from Rennes where she assisted at an audience to support a migrant. She traveled from Rennes to Stockholm by foot!!!! And she now has a glass blower workshop in Saint-Meloir-des-Ondes. Awesome person.

4 months ago
Lorient → Bordeaux 507km Hitchhiked by Lois 3
Alone Brittany France Brittany France Gironde Brittany France

Vannes -> Bordeaux

Because he picked me up, the driver thought he could ask for sex.

4 months ago