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Trier → Metz 110km Hitchhiked by Gospodinbezkrai 5
Alone 2 French Gastarbeiter 3 Banitcharka 4 police

Северна Франция – ден 1

Was left at the motorway at Thionville. Despite a huge traffic jam, cars moving super slowly and so many of them, noone took me. In 10 min the police came – apparently many people called me. Drove me out to the roundabout of the small town and warned me that if they catch me a third time (this was the first!) they will drive me to the police station and fine me 90 euro.

01 October 2012
Vilnius → Riga 294km Hitchhiked by Gospodinbezkrai 4
Alone city bus Crazy 1 2 TIR 4 TIR French Gastarbeiter

Пътуване на още по на север – ден 9

24 May 2016