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Nespouls → Limoges 106km Hitchhiked by Lois 1
Alone Female Limoges France

Ecaussyteme Festival (Gignac) -> Limoges

After spending the weekend to the Ecaussysteme Festival in Gignac (en Quercy) I HHed back to Limoges. Got picked up in less than 5min by 2 women who were also at the festival. Nice, easy and fast ride. Friendly people.

10 months ago
Plouër-sur-Rance → Lorient 210km Hitchhiked by Lois 2
Alone Brittany France Brittany France

Rennes -> Lorient

Got picked up in 5min by 2 students, Khalil and Mathieu going back to Lorient. Nice ride as well.

Plouer-sur-Rance -> Rennes

Stormy weather, I knew I had to go on the morning because of the storm "Miguel" arriving. Lots of local traffic, I started to hitchhike with signs as I could go in both directions it seemed to confuse people. Even with one sign whatever I wrote I had people make me feel it was too far so I gave up on signs and lots of people stopped. Even if locals, at least they stopped till… (read on in Trip)

12 months ago
Bordeaux → Plouër-sur-Rance 516km Hitchhiked by Lois 5
Alone Brittany France Gironde France Loire-Atlantique France Brittany Loire-Atlantique France Brittany France

Chateauneuf-Ille-et-Vilaine -> Plouer-sur-Rance

I was walking and hitchhiking at the same time as it was staying only 7km to my destination. On the way I got picked up by Laetitia for the short ride till Plouër-sur-Rance.

Bordeaux -> Niort

Guillaume was driving to Orleans for work and picked me up till Niort.

Niort -> Nantes

Guy was driving to Nantes for work, picked me up in Niort and drove me till Saint-Herblain (west part of Nantes).

Nantes -> Rennes

Met another hitchhiker at the entrance of the highway north of Nantes but was going towards Vannes (west) and I was going North. Mahmoud picked me up, and after 10 minutes asked me to hold his hand. I refused several times. he asked why, I said that we didn't know each other and I wasn't holding hands of people I don't know. Made me feel very uncomfortable, hoping all the way… (read on in Trip)

Rennes -> Chateauneuf-Ille-et-Vilaine

A great encounter. Martine was coming back from Rennes where she assisted at an audience to support a migrant. She traveled from Rennes to Stockholm by foot!!!! And she now has a glass blower workshop in Saint-Meloir-des-Ondes. Awesome person.

12 months ago
Lorient → Bordeaux 507km Hitchhiked by Lois 3
Alone Brittany France Brittany France Gironde Brittany France

Vannes -> Bordeaux

Because he picked me up, the driver thought he could ask for sex.

29 May 2019
Lille → Gand 77km Hitchhiked by Lois 2
Alone Belgium Belgium France


Maarten offered me some food :)

29 March 2017
Paris → Lille 225km Hitchhiked by Lois 3
Alone France France France


After 90 min waiting to find a ride to get me out of Paris, Damien stopped and picked me up. It was a short ride but it was all I needed to get out of the capital and reach a god hitchhiking spot. Damien even me his phonenumber and offered me a couch to stay for the night in case I could not find another ride after he let me at the new spot. And around 12pm he wrote me a text… (read on in Trip)

22 March 2017
Lorient → Paris 501km Hitchhiked by Lois 4 1
Alone France France France France


This guy was great, he passed a first time without stopping knowing that he could not take anybody normally (business car) and finally made a detour to go back and pick me up


Daniel was used to hitchhike in his life.


Fabien has never hitchhike and never picked up hitchhikers before me. Why did he stop to pick me up this day?? He couldn't answer to this question himself :)

02 February 2017
Mulhouse → Germany 60km Hitchhiked by Alchemikay 1 1
Alone thievery France Mulhouse

Best hitchhiking ride ever

One of the coolest rides ever. I was hitch-hiking early in the morning at gas station and some guys speaking language I do not understand and little English in Renault Laguna took me after half an hour. Suddenly something happenned to their car and they stopped it at highway. They asked me to help to push it. We pushed and the car engine started again. We took our seats and… (read on in Trip)

31 August 2015