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Tarbert → Stornoway 58km Hitchhiked by Fra 1
Two people Fast Crazy kind

Crazy driver with nearly broken car.

It was one of the craziest rides ever, with my friend in the back of the van with the trunk's door that was almost broken. He was driving really fast but he knew the road so we had no problems. Really kind guy.

17 September 2016
Вінниця → Київ 267km Hitchhiked by Proggeo 1
Two people Fast

Salesman on fast Mini Cooper

We were slowly walking out of Vinnytsia and hitchhiking at the same time. Our saviour was driving mini cooper. He'd been establishing sales in Vinnytsia for his company and now was going back to Kyiv. He drove fast and was sharing with us his interesting stories.

04 October 2015
Київ → Львів 540km Hitchhiked by Proggeo 1
Alone Fast luxury businessman inspiring

Inspiring ride with experienced businessman

I was waiting for car for 1.5 hours already and got a bit disappointed already. Man who stopped was driving cool Mercedes car. He was happy to take me to Rivne as my sign said. But on our way his plans changed and he took me right to Lviv. We talked all 4.5 hours while he was driving avg of 120 km/h. He had fought his way to success from simple boy from countryside and I… (read on in Trip)

13 July 2015
Alice Springs → Adelaide SA, Australia 1,530km Hitchhiked by Dearstarrychung 3
Alone Alice Springs Adelaide Fast

Fast ride from Alice Springs to Adelaide

Made more than 1500kms in one day (my record so far), just because of the late driver was crazy enough to driving 140-160kms per hour (supposed to be 110kms in South Australia) haha

06 August 2014