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Sofia → Plovdiv 145km Hitchhiked by Gospodinbezkrai 2
Two people Dutch Big shot 1 Minority 2
07 September 2018
Bratislava → Leipzig 582km Hitchhiked by Gospodinbezkrai 2
Alone van Dutch Gastarbeiter 2 treated us 1 van Minority Gastarbeiter Bulgarians abroad

Малко Германия – от летището

29 April 2019
Ringebu, Норвеґія → Осло 232km Hitchhiked by Romanw 1 1
Alone Norway Norge Hitra Dutch foreign driver hostel

Dutch cheesemaker

On my return from Trondheim to Oslo, after taking a train for a halfway, I stopped in a small town of Ringebu for a quick lunch. Then waited for quite a while on a roadside, none of the Norwegian vehicles stopped (except for one young guy, but he didn't go far). Surprisingly, the first foreign car has picked me up, it was a Dutch man driving from Hitra Island to Kristiansand…. (read on in Trip)

18 March 2015