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Dubrovník → Herceg Novi 51km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 1 1
Two people Dubrovnik Herceg Novi Croatia Montenegro taxi

Dubrovnik - worst place to hitchhike to Montenegro so far

There were many good spots to hitchhike from Dubrovnik but many local residents are occupying the roadstops with their cars servings as a parking spot. They even build stairs directly connecting to the road! With that it is even hard to just walk pass it and not get run over by a car or a truck.

Eventually we said "fuck it" and went to take a bus. But that one was full,… (read on in Trip)

21 July 2015
Zadar → Split 157km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 2 2
Two people Zadar Šibenik Croatia Šibenik Split Croatia

Dutch guys going to a national park

Took us from Zadar after some waiting at a gas station to a place near Šibenik to another gas station which was on our way to Split. Very friendly and natural people.

German-speaking mixture of guys gave us a ride

From that gas station we waited for a couple minutes, had coffee, it was alreay very dark so we needed either a ride FAST or we will sleep somewhere over a fence in that gas station :D. One car with three guys was there also and we were looking at each other for soem time, so they knew about us, it wasnt completelly random to ask them if they need help and if they can take us… (read on in Trip)

19 July 2015
Kolan → Zadar 66km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 2 1
Two people Pag Zadar Croatia

One taxi driver and one young couple

We woke up on Pag island, stranded in a camp. The island is almost dead so it was hard to hitchhiking on the road where not many cars were passing. Went to Kolan and there got a ride from off-duty taxi driver which drove like crazy (but safe to some degree). We wanted at first to go to Pag (city), but when we told that we want to go to Zadar he said it is also on his way and… (read on in Trip)

19 July 2015
Novi Vinodolski → Kolan 93km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 1 1
Two people Novi Vinodolski Pag Croatia

Germans with a free beer!

After Novi Vinodolski we hitched a car full of Germans, whom almost hadnt any space left but assured us there is still plenty of space and that good people will fill everywhere :D Immediaely after entering the car we got a free beer and listened to the story how there young guys went all the way from Germany to Pag island to have a awesome party holiday on "party island –… (read on in Trip)

18 July 2015
Crikvenica → Novi Vinodolski 10km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 1
Two people Crikvenica Novi Vinodolski Croatia

Crikvenica to Novi Vinodolski

Driver just going the same direction as us so he took us to his home town. It was also going to be night soon so he gave us his number in case we needed to stay somewhere safe. Although he rents his place he said we would have it for free because it would be just for a night and we seem like a nice couple :D

18 July 2015
Rijeka → Crikvenica 34km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 1 1
Two people Rijeka Crikvenica Croatia

Long wait worth it

We were trying to hitch a ride from Rijeka, but mostly there were bad spots (or we didnt see any good), only after some time we met another german hitchhiker and he was on a good spot. So after he left we waited for some tiem there and a young woman stopped to us and wanted at first to take us only to nearest village but then realised we would be screwed from there so went all… (read on in Trip)

18 July 2015
Záhreb → Rijeka 160km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 1 1
Two people Rijeka Zagreb Croatia

Zagreb full of bad spots, but Miran knows his way

We went from center to the west, connected to the main road which goes to the highway continuing to Ljubljana. We realised thats quite bad way because many cars were mostly going to Ljubljana and not to Rijeka where we wanted to continue, but we still tryed. After some hours later we finally stopped a car and the driver was nice enough just to take us to a much better spot,… (read on in Trip)

17 July 2015
Split → Dubrovnik 228km Hitchhiked by Hobospirit 1
Alone Chile Croatia Krka Split Dubrovnik

Two Chilean Guys

Hitchhiked with two Chilean guys on holidays in a rented car to krka Park then Dubrovnik. Blog Post

25 June 2013