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Takehara → Préfecture de Kanagawa, Japon 761km Hitchhiked by Lois 5
Two people japan Chugoku Social Hitchhiking japan Chugoku japan Chugoku Kansai japan Kansai japan Kansai
22 March 2018
Nara → Takehara 329km Hitchhiked by Lois 4
Three people japan Kansai japan Kansai japan Chugoku japan Chugoku
19 March 2018
Hiroshima → Takehara 53km Hitchhiked by Lois 1
Alone Asshole Pervert japan Chugoku Bad experience

Creepy young japanese

Heavy rainy day. I had just around 50-60km to hitchhike. I decided for once to hitchhike during the afternoon and started around 16:00. I know that it isn't the best time to start and that it is statistically where some people with creepy mind and bad intention can stop, well this one was a perfect example of it.

Nothing happened at the end but I'm deeply persuaded that… (read on in Trip)

28 February 2018
Takehara → Kobe 269km Hitchhiked by Lois 4
Alone japan Chugoku Social Hitchhiking japan Chugoku japan Chugoku Kansai japan Kansai

Social hitchhiking

My host in Takehara offered me to give me a ride to drop me off in a gas station on the highway in the good direction as he had to go for a meeting for his job. That is what I call "Social hitchhiking" :)

Japanese student

Ino picked me up for 30km on the highway. She is a student on her spring break. And was speaking a very good english!

Father and son

After a very long waiting time (The longest in my all hitchhiking experience), a father and his son picked me up on their way back home in Osaka. The father was speaking a little bit english. He offered me some traditional japanese sweets called "Kibi"


2 salary men on the way back to their office picked me up and made a detour to drop me off where I was staying in Kobe. They was speaking few english.

02 March 2018
Itoshima → Hiroshima 300km Hitchhiked by Lois 2
Alone japan Kyushu japan Kyushu Chugoku

Itoshima - Koga

A policeman on his day off with his wife and 3 years old daughter. They offered me some coffee :D

Koga - Hiroshima

An mechanic engineer travelling for work (Itoshima – Yamaduchi – Osaka). He picked me up in Koga where he offered me some tea. Then we drove till Yamaguchi where he offered me lunch and where he had to stop for a meeting for an hour (I waited in the car) and then drove me to Hiroshima on his way home to Osaka.

26 February 2018