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Kamloops → Calgary 594km Hitchhiked by Lois 2
Alone Canmore Kamloops Alberta British Columbia Canada Canmore calgary Alberta Canada

Kamloops to Canmore

Glenn, truck driver, pick me up in Kamloops. Great ride, interesting person, offered me lunch!!!!! Refused to share the price. Offered me to take his hotel room, and he will stay sleeping in the truck instead if I decided to stop hitchhiking for the day. Big traveller himself and hitchhiker.

Canmore to Calgary

After being dropped off on the highway in Canmore around 19:00, there was still some daylight so I decided to give it a try to reach Calgary. In 5 minutes I got picked up by a Engin and his daughter. I was the first hitchhiker he picked up in his life. Very nice person who travelled a lot as well. Made a detour to drop me off at my friend's place directly.

09 April 2019
Sault Sainte Marie → Vancouver 4,013km Hitchhiked by Lucrezia 8
Two people Sault ste marie calgary calgary Canmore Canmore Golden Golden Kamloops Kamloops Lac la hache Lac la hache Vancouver
01 August 2016