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Venlo → Maidstone 451km Hitchhiked by Augustris 4
Alone Calais

Truck driver to gas/rest station near Bruger

Tired Polish truck driver took me to this really good gas station

German family took me inside ferry

Germany family took me inside ferry when I explained then that it's free for them.

Spanish family to Maidstone

I was going to London, they to Wales so they droped me at Maidstone. Tryed to drop me at best spot

Outside Maidstone, to inside of Maidstone

I was holding sign London, they stoped me and asked where I was going, I said London, they said that they going to London. I was suspicious because 4 guys in car, bad sign. When they was driving to inside of Maidstone, they asked me something, I said I don't have money, so they stoped car in the middle on the road and said get out. So needed to go out of city, bad luck to wait… (read on in Trip)

27 June 2017