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Köln, Deutschland → Dover 470km Hitchhiked by Manchu 3
Alone travelling long distance trip 2 days Belgium Ferry England

Way to Britain

I was going to Scotland. It was in September of 2014. I cannot remember every detail. I friendly guy gave me a lift until Brussels and on the other side of the city. We drove a bit through Brussels and he showed me some places there.

Going with the craftmen

Within Belgium I went a short distance with a van of craftmen. We were drinking beer. Unfortunatley I forgot my sleeping bag, when I went out.

Going with the ferry

A young woman gave me a lift to Dover. She was on her way to London, where she used to work. We went on the ferry together and then she let me get out at my hosts place. I promised to write her a postcard from Scotland. I haven't done it yet. :/ Very pleasent expierence though

16 April 2014
Gand → Zeewolde 229km Hitchhiked by Lois 3
Alone Belgium Belgium Netherlands

Nice manager at the gas station

I had been dropped off in the last gas station before Antwerp. I was hitchhiking and talking to people on the parking area. The manager of the gas station who had something to do outside came to talk with me and offered me a tea :). The gas station was crowded, but as it was easter holidays, the cars were full with family and luggages. So waited more than 1h to get a ride.

Little detour

The belgium couple who picked me up made a detour to drop me off in the center of Zeewolde.

03 April 2017
Lille → Gand 77km Hitchhiked by Lois 2
Alone Belgium Belgium France


Maarten offered me some food :)

29 March 2017
Antwerp → Amsterdam 158km Hitchhiked by Saratonin69 2
Alone Tomorrowland Belgium Hitchhiking First Time

Popping the Cherry

I had just finished an amazing weekend because I managed to get a free ticket to attend Tomorrowland 2014 (in Boom, Belgium) and was heading to Amsterdam. It was my first time and I began in the middle of the city in Antwerp because I was far from the highway. A kind man managed to pick me up and take me the highway entrance where I stood for no longer than 5 minutes before… (read on in Trip)

28 July 2014