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Barcelona → Hamburg 1,814km Hitchhiked by Stefanbcn 10

exchanging help

he made first contact askig me for money (1 euro ) to fill his petrol deposit of the car because he credir card did not work to get to sant cugat, then it was me who ask him to give me a ride to Bellaterra /UAB

after arrival at bella terra i found a person from avila changing a truck tyre and he said he would take me to girona after finishing the repair work

spanish immigrants in france

when i arrived at the petrol station Girones (before Girona) i saw a couple eating and asled them wether they could give me a ride. so no waiting time and soon i could leave Spain . interesting talk about cooperatives and local money and the french social system, exchanged emails, till the junction towards toulose, where our ways were seperated

short ride with a doctor

from palme to montpellier , very preoccupied that immigrant might destroy the french social system and may increase votes for le pens party front nacional

all night truck through france

when i arrived at 21,30 the petrol station was full of trucks as asuncion is a holyday in protestant france and truck had a 24 hour break till 10 pm, after recovering his papers from the gendarmarie we made it till Beaune/near Dijon , where i put up my tent in the forest and 5 o'clock and slept till 11 next "morning", for him it was very important to difrentiate between… (read on in Trip)

02 June 2011
Vienna → Berlin 655km Hitchhiked by Flohfish 8
Two people

B 7: Brünner Straße/Hochfeldstraße, Wien (AT) → Futurum Shopping Center, Brno (CZ) (110 km)

Even that hitchwiki.org is saying now that the hitchhiking spot at Stammersdorf is not working well anymore, my friend Mira and I found a lift within 5 minutes by a young Czeck woman, named Pavla. The car (a Skoda) was lacking a few horse powers so the right to Brno took nearly 2 hours. Nevertheless it was a great start for a trip and also we got some good vibrations for the… (read on in Trip)

D 1: Service station Brno-Lískovec (CZ) → D 1: Service station Mikulášov (CZ) (96,2 km)

Left in Brno still on the R52 we had to walk for around half an hour to reach the first petrol station on the D1 direction Praha. This petrol station was not very busy but still we found a lift after 1h15min waiting time. This time in the back of a Land Rover in which we were sitting on chairs which were installed to the sides of the car. Quite an interesting ride.

D 1: Service station Mikulášov (CZ) → 8: Service station Střížkov (CZ) (110 km)

In Mikulášov again we only needed 5 minutes to catch the next ride. We found a 32 year old Czech man who was on his way home to Praha.Friendly as he was he didn't just drop us in the city but brought us to a service station directly on the street to Dresden.

8: Service station Střížkov (CZ) → D8 (80): Jílové (CZ) (91,8 km)

Till this point I can only say that we had a lucky day – and it went further like that. Again only 5 minutes waiting time and a Czech couple picked us up. Unfortunately they didn't speeak any language we speak and so our ride didn't end at the petrol station behind Ústí nad Labem but at the first exit afterwards. This meant half an hour of walking again. It was not too bad… (read on in Trip)

D 8: Service station Varvažov (CZ) → A 4: Raststätte Dresdner Tor (DE) (59,2 km)

After half an hour walking we finally reached the service station. Quite exhausted I wanted smoke a cigarette. I asked a guy and aside of offering me a lighter he also offered me a lift. He was in a van with 5 others on their way to Leipzig to go to a concert of "The Ocean". Luckily it was a 8-seater car. Instead of going into Dresden or to Leipzig we decided to get off at… (read on in Trip)

A 4: Raststätte Dresdner Tor (DE) → B 170: Shell station, Hansastraße, Dresden (DE) (21,5 km)

Getting out at Dresdner Tor and switching sides to hitchhike to Berlin was probably not the best idea as in 1,5 hours we found only one vehicle going in that direction – and it was full. All other cars were going direction PL or CZ. After realizing this we changed our plan. Get a car that drives to Dresden and carry on from there. …and it worked. The first driver, a… (read on in Trip)

B 170: GO service station, Hansastraße, Dresden (DE) → A 13: Raststätte Freienhufener Eck (DE) (58,9 km)

From the Shell petrol station where we had been droped off we walked a few meters north to the GO station as it was way more busy. It only took us a few minutes to find a driver going to Finsterwalde. As it is only half way to Berlin he offered to leave us on the first service station on the A 13. A mistake we regret later but for the moment we were happy. We had some nice… (read on in Trip)

A 13: Raststätte Freienhufener Eck → U-Bahnhof Kottbusser Tor, Berlin

Raststätte Freienhufener Eck: Never ever get out here in the evening. We arrived around 21:30 and the number of cars arriving within the next 2,5 hours were maximum twenty. How good that only 3 of them drove in direction Berlin. Two of them full and anotherone which's driver didn't want to take anybody. After nearly no car arriving after 23:00 we decided to lay down to get… (read on in Trip)

06 June 2011
Michendorf → Berlin 41km Hitchhiked by Flohfish 1

A 10: Raststätte Michendorf → Berlin-Wedding, Ostender Straße (41,4 km)

I hitched a ride with a younf German/French cipule who were on there way to spend a few days in Berlin. They had no idea where to go to in Berlin, they just knew that they qwanted to get close to the center but not too close and also that they were looking for a hostel. In the end I convinced them to park at the metro station 500m away from my house

25 May 2011
Berlin → Michendorf 22km Hitchhiked by Flohfish 1

A115: Raststätte Grunewald → A 10: Raststätte Michendorf (22,7 km)

Hitchhiking from Nikolasse (S-Bahn Grunewald). 3 hitchhikers were already there, 2 more came. After 10 minutes I decided to hitch directly from the street, and it worked perfectly. 5 minutes and I was gone

25 May 2011
Rheinmünster → Berlin 728km Hitchhiked by Flohfish 7

Rheinmünster (Baden Airport) → A 5 (51): Raststätte Baden-Baden (24,6 km)

I walked over the parking lot of the airport looking for a lift and within ten minutes I spotted a Italian girl that was on my flight. She was just about to climb in her boyfriends car. Despite all the prejudices about Italians and hitchhikers the this Italian couple was not hesitating a second to give me a lift and drove me to the first service station on the A5 northbound.

A 5 (51): Raststätte Baden-Baden → A 5 (47): Ettlingen (22,9 km)

Despite being a Raststätte this is a crappy position for hitchhiking. Main reason for this: 1) the petrol station is on the other side of the motorway and gets served from both sides. Therefor there is not much traffic in the northbound direction. 2) 5 km before this petrolö station there is already the Raststätte Bühl which means that most people coming from South have… (read on in Trip)

22 May 2011
Hamburg → Peschiera del Garda 1,164km Hitchhiked by Keek 6
Three people

driver asked me to drive, so i drove

we had an accident – everybody ok :) the mechanic didn't fix the car tire that good the day before… :D

14 July 2010
Tallinn → Heidelberg 2,024km Hitchhiked by Arne 8

Getting startet in Tallin

I was riding out of the city with the bus and walked along the highway to get my trip started. The road was busy and it seemed that it was quite common to hitchike even among older ladies. So 3 women arriving later than me picked the rides.. Suddenly a little guy with shiny eyes and barefeet like me comes down the road with his backpack. His name was Frodo and he really… (read on in Trip)

The guy was ambigous to take us with him, but unfortunately he rode another way than we wanted to go and there was no real stop, so he dropped us off on the middle of the highway, next to our exit. We had to walk back for 2km to get to a spot were people could stop..

A Truckdriver from Poland was going to Warsaw and because he was social and happy about the company he agreed on taking me all the way. He didnt speak any english and i didnt know any polish so we tried hard to communicate with our limbs. He was a good and friendly feller.

I saw the sportscar parking and a energetic lady of middle age coming out. I was smiling and really wanted to convince her to take me, because she was looking kind of open. She told me that she had no space wich was true. But i was joking and insisting that i dont need any. After she was back from the break she agreed spontaneously to take me in. I really couldnt move but it… (read on in Trip)

07 May 2010
Guimaraes → Puebla de Sanabria 203km Hitchhiked by Johnyndababilonia 4
Two people

My father´s friend

After a long party night, 30 degrees outside we started our long journey until Bosnia. After 30 minutes finnaly a car stoped and took us almost until spain, and while our ride was drivin trough Portugal direction Spain ive find out that he was the father of a friend of mine , what a coincidence to start our adventure :)

24 July 2010
Cherbourg → Barcelona 1,321km Hitchhiked by Keek 12

Police Hitch

got a lift ftom 3 policeman for abnout 10k's to from a litte village in france to the next service-station

19 March 2011
Krusevac → City of Zagreb 586km Hitchhiked by Mileagainst 5


From toll station "Bubanj potok" to toll station "Simanovci" on the other side of Belgrade (towards Zagreb)

To the border

From toll station "Simanovci" to Serbia-Croatia border

To Zagreb

From the border to Zagreb, the final destination on this trip

14 July 2010
Berlin → Sines 2,908km Hitchhiked by Sandra 32
Two people

Real Start in Nuremberg

After finishing work in my hometown, lena and me we left from as gasstation in nbg and catched very easy on driver after another. This first one was a russian youngster listening to incredible LOUD musik. So that we couldn't chat at all. Russian techno. Thumby up!

14 July 2010
Berlin → Istanbul 2,221km Hitchhiked by Sandra 32
Two people


NEver! Absolutely never forget the bar of chocolate, which u just bought to offer it your driver, in your ass pockets and let it slowly melt in the warmth of the seat heater….

22 February 2011
Freiburg → Heilbronn 220km Hitchhiked by Tinkleinmyfeet 2

Driving home for Christmas

We were two trying to hitch home for Christmas.

Two rides:

  1. Old sweet couple on their way home. First time taking hitchhikers.

  2. Taxi driver who picked us up cos "Driving home for Christmas" was her favourite Christmas song. She was going to work on Christmas day and all the earnings she would have made that day would go towards an orphanage.

Smile, and the… (read on in Trip)

14 July 2010
Brussels → Freiburg 527km Hitchhiked by Tinkleinmyfeet 4

And they say you never meet your driver twice

Brussels – Köln – Frankfurt – Freiburg

After getting dropped off on an autobahn in Frankfurt (Germany), I try and get a ride back home to Freiburg (Germany). It must’ve been 15 minutes after loads of asking around before I spot a Zürich (Switzerland) car. I run up to the driver as he gets back into his car and gets ready to take off.

He takes me straight away. As I… (read on in Trip)

14 July 2010
Freiburg → Heidelberg 184km Hitchhiked by Tinkleinmyfeet 2

Art as a means to the mind

It is not the first time I’ve hitched to concerts. The trouble about living in a town like Freiburg (Germany), few good bands pass through and I’m not left with much choice but to follow where the music goes. My friend Vanessa had invited me to catch the <a href="http://www.myspace.com/thenotwistnow">Notwist</a> in Heidelberg (Germany). Last.fm describes them as the Radiohead… (read on in Trip)

14 July 2010
Dusseldorf → London 564km Hitchhiked by Flov 5

An Encounter With The Border Police

I was standing just at the border of Belgium to France at a <a href='http://bit.ly/ibFi9V'>super sweet spot</a>. Cars only drive 10 km/h and the highway becomes a one lane road, so it is super good for drivers to pull over. At first I was a bit scared about hitchhiking there because the police was stopping and controlling cars, but I just held up my Calais sign and they didnt… (read on in Trip)

01 August 2008
London → Dover 122km Hitchhiked by Flov 3

On the way to Project 888

On the 8th August of 2008 approximately 120 hitchhikers came to Paris for participating in Project 888. You can read all about it on Hitchwiki ;)

So I was going from London to Dover with a friend and we got dropped at an actually very lovely gas station. Unfortunately for us, the employees of the gas station didn't want us to hitchhike… (read on in Trip)

06 August 2008
Freiburg → Berlin 808km Hitchhiked by Tinkleinmyfeet 2

City hipsters

8 o’clock in the evening and stuck in Dresden (Germany) for over an hour. A financial adviser had kindly moved me from a shitty spot in a small town in Dresden to the city centre. But Berlin (Germany) was still over 200km away.

After asking a bunch of people at the gas station that were either not going to Berlin or ignored me, my eyes fell upon this fire truck with a… (read on in Trip)

09 September 2010
Achern → Strasbourg 44km Hitchhiked by Tinkleinmyfeet 2

Glove snatcher

After trying to get a ride for over an hour in Achern (Germany), I was beginning to despair. All I needed was someone to give me a ride 40 km across the border but there wasn’t anyone going to Strasbourg (France). The only couple that was going to Strasbourg refused to give me a ride: “we are going to Strasbourg, we have place, but we won’t take you”.

I grow a little… (read on in Trip)

14 July 2010
Berlin → Freiburg 807km Hitchhiked by Tinkleinmyfeet 1

Sliding doors

After spending some awesome days partying in Berlin, I had to make my way home to Freiburg. Freiburg and Berlin are really on opposite ends of Germany – some 850km. My friend Florian who I was staying with told me a good place to hitch out of Berlin was from Nicolasee. Basically you take the S-Bahn, cross the bridge, turn right and try and get a ride from the gas… (read on in Trip)

14 July 2010