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Shelby MT → Okotoks 343km Hitchhiked by Bencorno 1 1

I dismounted the AMTRAK in Shelby, Montana, at 5PM planning to hitch home over the next day and a half. Shelby is small (maybe 5000 people) and it was a 3 mile walk to the interstate. About a mile from the interstate, I was picked up by a cool gentleman heading all the way into central Alberta. He could give me a ride all the way to Okotoks!

He was driving a rental car,… (read on in Trip)

25 April 2012
BrazĂ­lia → Madrid 2,710km Hitchhiked by Amines 21 1
Two people


A Czech truckdriver. We even got a hamburger and poms at a gas station.

Rudna - Gas station on D5

a cool Jeep we even rode throug a field

Near Rudna - German border

I was walking on a gas station when suddenly a guy asked me where I was going so I told him I'm heading towards Germany so he simply said come with me. And another hitchhiker joined us then. The guy was a guitar player in a czech alternative rock band called "Vintage Wine"

German Border- Near Wurzburg

A older guy driving a brand new mercedes van with only 56km driven. We got dropped out on a very big gas station where we gor to know a romanian truck driver. We spend the night cooking some instant foods while listening to romanian punk.

Near Wurzburg- Bit further than Wurzburg

The guy we got to know the night before did let us sleep in the back of his truck and in the morning he even drove us to the nearest bigger gas station

Near Wurzburg - Near Frankfurt

After waiting 20 minutes on a cold summer morning an older couple picked us up a they even changed their way and evem more they dropped us like 30km away from their way to go.

Near Frankfurt- Keiserlauten

Another older couple picked us up while we were standing on a on ramp leading from a super small village. Cars were passing by every few minutes but those people were very friedly. Even when they didn't have place in their cars they simply waved at us or just smiled unlike those city inhibatans.


A half Italian half Bosnian guy picked us up after the police stopped by us twice.

St. Avalon- Metz

After we got to st.Avalon we went to an unnamed Mc fast food to fill our bottler with water. We met there people from slovakia. A middle aged guy picked us up and while we were driving and talking he mentioned that he was just about to become a father :)

Near Metz - Near metz

We were walking along the highway to the nearest gas station to find a ride to a on ramp towards paris becouse we were not dropped correctly. While we were walking I luckily found a 5 euro bill. So after we walked to that station a holandian married couple got us a ride for those 4 km that we didn't want to walk anymore ;)


A young guy picked us up on the on ramp and got us a ride up to Paris. We talked a lot during the way. He dropped us on Versailles and got us on the train to Paris. We stayed in paris for two night were we met a russian hitchhiking couple. We got a ticket to every museum in Paris for two days wich we gave to the couple we met becouse we were hitchin out the next day.

Paris- 10km after Paris

An older couple. Got dropped off in the middle of the highway. Tried thimbing. Didn't seem to work so I turned around to grab my bag and there was already a car waiting ;)

Near Paris - 100 before bordeaux

An lady driving a mini cooper in a 160 km/h speed while having an iPad on her knees. She also gave us some sandwiches.

100 km before bordeaux - 10 km before bordeaux

A french family not speaking any of my 5 languages. It was a bit hard to explain them that we need to be dropped on a gas station. But everything went fine. We were dropped on a gas station. I charged my phone there. We went a few meters futher from the highway deeper in the forrest where we picked out my tent and had a nice beauty sleep ;)

10km before bordeaux - 10 km after bordeaux

In the morning we woke up had some snack and started thumbing. A guy picked us up and dropped us off on a gas station.

10 km after bordeaux - Bayonne

A younger couple picked us up. Dropped us in Bayonne. We met a hitchhiker from Estonia on his way to bordeaux.

Bayonne- Spanish border

After waiting a long time throung sun and rain. Finally someone stopped who was capable of picking up two of us. He dropped us on the border where in no time the police told us that it is forbidden to hitchhike there so we ran as fast as we can along the highway so they don't see us on the highway becouse that was forbidden too.

Spanish Border - Tolosa

We came to the first on ramp where Francois was already standing. We started to talk. He was heading the same way as we were and that was Madrid for the WYD 2011. So we hitched there and got a ride to San Sebastian. When things turned out not the way planned

09 August 2011
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