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Dresden → Leipzig 112km Hitchhiked by Yooks 1 1
Two people

Her first hitchhikers

The spot we chose for Dresden – Leipzig was not an ideal one. It was a few meters after a sharp turn from two sides leading onto the highway. The drivers did not have much time to look at us or pull over. Despite the spot's shortcomings we managed to find a ride in 25 minutes. An older woman stopped, came out of her car, noticed me playing the guitar and asked me if I was… (read on in Trip)

06 May 2015
Regensburg → Nuremberg 111km Hitchhiked by Yooks 1 1
Two people

When the army helps the community

Once again Ada and me were hitchhiking from the lovely town of Regensburg. Our last experience from the spot we picked was great. In ten minutes three cars stopped and a German solider that works in the army base near Regensburg picked us up and took us to Nuremberg. He had a great American accent because his father lived in America.

This time around it was completely… (read on in Trip)

30 April 2015
Vienna → Passau 281km Hitchhiked by Yooks 3 1
Two people

Watch the carpet!

After getting dropped at the gas station near Sankt Pölten we tried hitchhiking there. Unfortunately this was not such a good idea since it gets traffic coming from both highway directions. People were a bit confused as to why are we asking for rides here. With all that I was also dead tired because I didn't sleep well last night. Since this was a resthaus they had a small… (read on in Trip)

Not much to say for this ride. Found a good spot on Hitchwiki in front of the Hütteldorf Banhof and we did not use a sign as we just wanted to get to the next gas station. The idea behind this was the assumption that we would have better chances of hitchhiking for Germany from the gas station.

After about an hour of thumbing a guy stopped and offered to take us to Sankt… (read on in Trip)

Immigrant alert

The trucker dropped us off at the rasthaus near Linz so we can continue to hitchhike for Passau. Twenty minutes of asking around ended with what looked like a Hungarian family living in Germany. They were quite worried about immigrants so they asked us for our documents. This is the first time this happened to me while hitchhiking. We complied and proved that we were not… (read on in Trip)

23 April 2015
Budapest → Vienna 242km Hitchhiked by Yooks 1 1
Two people

Hitchhiking meets philosophy

Our day began early in the morning looking at possible hitchhiking spots on Hitchwiki. One that looked most promising was a gas station in Budaörs.

Good things started happening right from the start as we were given two apples by our host as a gift. I know it doesn't sound much, but when you're hungry on the road it comes perfect. Next, the driver of the local bus (272)… (read on in Trip)

19 April 2015
Dresden → London 1,112km Hitchhiked by Gildelkutsten 3 3

Started by the slip road in Dresden Kemnitz and arrived 5 hours later in Kassel centrum. I changed the car 3 times.

From the slip road Kassel – Bad Wilhelmshöhe to Dortmund it took me more time then first expected. Then it was very comfortable to hitchhike in Nederland and Belgium and I arrived in the early evening in Bruegge.

In Bruegge there is a bus to Vasenare (cost around 3€). From there I walked to the gas station Jabekke (30 minutes). After 1 hour I found somebody who took me to Dunkerque and Dover. There the car got broken and I had to change the driver. In Dover there is a good bus station. All cars to London have to pass this station. It took me around 30 minutes to get a ride to London.

22 February 2015
Italy → Iran 4,701km Hitchhiked by Mahdi_porman 1 1

hitchhike its life

in your life you have point, in your point way you can find too many people, but they have another destination ,don't worry you can find one person how can help you to arrived

14 November 2013
Huay Xai → Chiang Mai 301km Hitchhiked by Durianandcamelsocks 5 2 Alone

paranoid hot spring egg boiling Lao-Thai couple

I stick out my thumb and get picked up by a couple immediately. lucky me: they're going all the remaining >200 km to CM! I haven't slept the previous night at all and feel reeeally sleepy by now… the pick-up's backseat is not the most comfortable place to sleep in any possible position but I manage do doze off every now and then…

we're pretty slow, nobody's driving… (read on in Trip)

'Embassador' and wife taking me to the Lao/Thai border

I walk towards the border which is about 10km away. Very few cars here. 10 minutes wait, then: Very friendly couple, very well dressed. He speaks perfect English and introduces himself as an embassador or sth …he helps locals and foreigners get visas. I jokingly ask him if he can help me if I need him for my visa – I'm in fact a bit worried if I will get another Thai stamp… (read on in Trip)

hopping the Thai police pick-up in nowhereland

after making it across the border (no problem about the stamp,yoohoo!) I realize there are as good as no cars ….and the road is loooong until the main road (again about 10km) – I remember why the family from Bangkok took me all the way here, changing their actual route … I just walk and walk… and actually enjoy it, after getting very little exercise in Chiang Mai the… (read on in Trip)

two motos and one rooster as a necklace

back on the main road and traffic is still very light … I just continue walking … good decision – I encounter some creature that turns out to be the world's largest freshwater fish: the Mekong giant catfish (dead already) … creepy thingie…

more walking and a motorbike driver stops for me, without me even trying to wave him down. I'm well prepared with a piece of… (read on in Trip)

refreshing short ride

surprise, surprise – only 1 min wait and a friendly woman with her little son pick me up …it's just a short ride but really refreshing, mentally! she feels sorry for not going farther – no problem, lady! thanks so much and bye!

02 February 2015
Chiang Dao District, Chiang Mai, Thailand → Chiang Mai 88km Hitchhiked by Noahh 3 1

Pickup truck

I walked down the main road in Chiang Dao for about an hour while trying to wave people down until I got to the highway intersection. I stood at the intersection alternating between the hitchhiking thumb sign and the Thai taxi-hailing motion (sort of a downward patting motion). After fifteen or so minutes, a pickup truck stopped for me. Two women were in the cab and one was… (read on in Trip)


I started walking but quickly realized I was still miles away from my destination. I kept walking and tried to flag people down but nobody was slowing down. I was getting ready to give up and hire a tuk-tuk when a young Thai woman in a parked car yelled out her window. I went up to her and she asked where I was going. I told her my destination and she told me to get in. Her… (read on in Trip)

on a motorbike

I had just spent two days in Chiang Dao for the Shambhala in Your Heart Festival. I left the festival and started walking down the dirt road when a Thai man on a motorbike stopped for me. I told him I was going into Chiang Dao and he motioned for me to get on the back of his motorbike. We drove for about 15 minutes then he dropped me off on the side of the main road.

11 February 2015
Ouistreham, France → Ettlingen 838km Hitchhiked by Mkelman 19 1
Three people
28 December 2014
malmö → copenhagen 39km Hitchhiked by Hitchhooker 1 1

hitch over the bridge

Walked 5 kilometers to good hitching spot to intersection next to highway over the bridge and got a ride after 3 cars passing. 2 swedish businessman gave a ride even used reverse to me to catch the car. Got a ride to their office in outskirts of cph where I walked to the Christiania.

26 November 2014
turku → stockholm 352km Hitchhiked by Hitchhooker 1 1

when the snow hits the ground, I dont stay babe

Woke up friday morning, went out to realize there is a shitloads of snow and Im not having any clothes for winter. Had to change wheels of my mother cars to get buy some emergency jacket and boots. After that I felt for a beer and catched up with friends who had vodka. Ended up meeting one friend and some randoms at 4am going to cruise on a boat to sweden and asked if theres… (read on in Trip)

21 November 2014
Lizard → dunnet head 1,343km Hitchhiked by Semolina_joe 39 1 1
Alone charity uk lizard point dunnet head ardnarmurchan point ness point

4 Corners Hitch

Hitchiked 1300 miles to 4 most extreme points of UK. Raised £1300 for homeless young people's charity Centrepoint https://www.facebook.com/4cornershitch

03 October 2014
Augsburg → Jena 375km Hitchhiked by Abgefahrentrampcache 5 1

First ride as a hitchhiking cache

Willi Räuber took the cache the first time. When we invented the cache, we took a Brazilian soap stone capsule and added a yellow bottom as well as some instructions.

15 September 2014
Bryne → Kaunas 2,003km Hitchhiked by Rytis 27 1 1 Alone police

I hitched a police car.

I was standing on a highway near Fjalkinge in Sweden when a police car stopped beside and told me it is illegal to stand there. i asked them to bring me to the nearest gas station, which they did. The police guys were friendly :).

24 July 2014
Rybnik → Lubiąż 251km Hitchhiked by Mad_d_professor 1 1
Two people

Slot Art Festival 2014

So one of the reasons of hitchhiking was lack of money. I convinced my boyfriend to do this :) In total we had 6 stops: 1. Gliwice ( 10-15 mins of waiting, nice man took us) 2. exit way from A4 to Strzelce Opolskie (3h waiting in rain, completely wet; people going anywhere, but not to Wrocław direction; 3 very nice students took us) 3. Mc Donald's before Wrocław (we get… (read on in Trip)

09 July 2014
Zakręt → Mińsk 536km Hitchhiked by Marcinlulek 4 1
13 May 2014
Tabriz → Tabriz unknown distance Hitchhiked by Yashar_x17 1 1 1
23 April 2014
Warszawa → Bukareszt 1,340km Hitchhiked by Emilia_salajczyk 2 1
Two people
12 September 2013
Bielany Wrocławskie, Polska → Silkeborg 936km Hitchhiked by Marcinlulek 1 1
Two people
08 January 2014
Oskaloosa → Lawrence 34km Hitchhiked by Lawrenceonboard 1 1 1

Gonna mainstream hitchhiking

Since September of 2012, I have been working to build a rideshare program based on hitchhiking. We use a folding white board to signal destinations, and plan to have some driver incentives and safety backups. So far it's working great. Average wait time is under 8 minutes. This is a local version of hitching, so it's a little safer than cross country.

30 August 2013