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Regensburg → Freiburg 469km Hitchhiked by Yooks 4 1
Two people

Not much to tell about this ride. The man took us from Regensburg and dropped us off at the next gas station in the direction of Nuremberg. One interesting fact is that he was not actually going towards Nuremberg but I'm guessing he liked us that much that he decided to drive us to the next gas station.

Taking a small detour

The next person to pick us up from the gas station on the highway to Nuremberg was a middle aged chubby fellow driving a Mercedes. He works as some kind of technician for theater production so he gets to travel a lot around Europe. It would seem he was born in Germany but lives in Romania because he has a family there.

He said Romania is not a good country to live in… (read on in Trip)


The moment we got dropped off at the gas station near Frankfurt an older man approached us and asked us: "Where are you going?" on what I replied: "Basel, Switzerland". He nodded and started discussing the details and the route with us.

He drove us thirty kilometers to the next gas station where he bought us two small portions of food because we asked him if the food here… (read on in Trip)

06 August 2015
Mostar → Sarajevo 126km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 1 1
Two people Bosnia Mostar Sarajevo fastest

Emin - Bosnian Schumacher

From Mostar we hitchhiked a guy named Emin. He was very rich, he told us how he got rich and whats his job, also something about the last war. He drove the newest Mercedes, but he drove like crazy and very fast. But to some degree safe. As soon as it started to rain he was very careful and slowed down.

It was amazing experience to "fly" in a car with over 230km/h on the speed meter.

26 July 2015
Herceg Novi → Budva 66km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 1 1
Two people Herceg Novi Montenegro Kotor Budva

Awesome Russian family!

Just before lunch we went to hitchhike on the road in Herceg Novi (many good spots, you can even hitchhike directly on bus station). After a while we stopped a car with friendly Russian family going on a very long vacation in Montenegro. So they took us, they even stopped FOR US to take pictures of beautiful country at the motorests. Then, what we didnt even consider, they… (read on in Trip)

22 July 2015
Dubrovník → Herceg Novi 51km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 1 1
Two people taxi Dubrovnik Herceg Novi Montenegro Croatia

Dubrovnik - worst place to hitchhike to Montenegro so far

There were many good spots to hitchhike from Dubrovnik but many local residents are occupying the roadstops with their cars servings as a parking spot. They even build stairs directly connecting to the road! With that it is even hard to just walk pass it and not get run over by a car or a truck.

Eventually we said "fuck it" and went to take a bus. But that one was full,… (read on in Trip)

21 July 2015
Zadar → Split 157km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 2 2
Two people Zadar Šibenik Croatia Split Šibenik Croatia

Dutch guys going to a national park

Took us from Zadar after some waiting at a gas station to a place near Šibenik to another gas station which was on our way to Split. Very friendly and natural people.

German-speaking mixture of guys gave us a ride

From that gas station we waited for a couple minutes, had coffee, it was alreay very dark so we needed either a ride FAST or we will sleep somewhere over a fence in that gas station :D. One car with three guys was there also and we were looking at each other for soem time, so they knew about us, it wasnt completelly random to ask them if they need help and if they can take us… (read on in Trip)

19 July 2015
Kolan → Zadar 66km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 2 1
Two people Pag Zadar Croatia

One taxi driver and one young couple

We woke up on Pag island, stranded in a camp. The island is almost dead so it was hard to hitchhiking on the road where not many cars were passing. Went to Kolan and there got a ride from off-duty taxi driver which drove like crazy (but safe to some degree). We wanted at first to go to Pag (city), but when we told that we want to go to Zadar he said it is also on his way and… (read on in Trip)

19 July 2015
Novi Vinodolski → Kolan 93km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 1 1
Two people Novi Vinodolski Pag Croatia

Germans with a free beer!

After Novi Vinodolski we hitched a car full of Germans, whom almost hadnt any space left but assured us there is still plenty of space and that good people will fill everywhere :D Immediaely after entering the car we got a free beer and listened to the story how there young guys went all the way from Germany to Pag island to have a awesome party holiday on "party island –… (read on in Trip)

18 July 2015
Rijeka → Crikvenica 34km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 1 1
Two people Crikvenica Rijeka Croatia

Long wait worth it

We were trying to hitch a ride from Rijeka, but mostly there were bad spots (or we didnt see any good), only after some time we met another german hitchhiker and he was on a good spot. So after he left we waited for some tiem there and a young woman stopped to us and wanted at first to take us only to nearest village but then realised we would be screwed from there so went all… (read on in Trip)

18 July 2015
Záhreb → Rijeka 160km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 1 1
Two people Zagreb Rijeka Croatia

Zagreb full of bad spots, but Miran knows his way

We went from center to the west, connected to the main road which goes to the highway continuing to Ljubljana. We realised thats quite bad way because many cars were mostly going to Ljubljana and not to Rijeka where we wanted to continue, but we still tryed. After some hours later we finally stopped a car and the driver was nice enough just to take us to a much better spot,… (read on in Trip)

17 July 2015
Ľubľana → Záhreb 142km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 1 1
Two people Ljubljana Zagreb Milko

Milko the Physicist

Hitchhiking from Ljubljana is quite good, there are good connections to the highway but not many good spots. We went to such one place, we met another hitchhikers. They were at the place for abotu an hour without luck. So we asked them if it is ok to go a little before them because i think that was a better spot for a car stopping on the road (they were hitchhiking just before… (read on in Trip)

16 July 2015
Keszthely → Ľubľana 304km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 1 1
Two people Ljubljana Keszthely Toffifee

Two swiss guys returning a car

We were hitchhiking for about 2 hours and then a first car with Slovenian licence plates stopped us. We were really lucky because the guys told us they were going the other direction about an hour before to have some lunch and saw us on the road trying to catch a ride, and we wanted to change the road after one hour, but we stayed vigilantelly. So they saw us again after… (read on in Trip)

13 July 2015
Гомель → Грузия 2,424km Hitchhiked by Jo_weiss 2 1
Three people #Грузия


Ананури, Хост в Тбилисси, Мцхета, Гори, Вардиа, Уплисцихе, Барджоми, Ахалцизе, Кобулети, Батуми, Самстредиа, Зугдиди, Джвари, Местия, Кутаиси, снова Тбилиси.

31 July 2013
Любань → Крым 2,056km Hitchhiked by Jo_weiss 1 1
More than three people #Crimea #WesternUkraine

Западная Украина + Крым

сначала нас было 5ро.. потом, кажется нас стало 13… а потом мы разделились. 3е (мы) поехали в Балаклаву, а остальные – на Лисью Бухту через Бахчесарай


гугл не даёт нормально прорисовать маршрут – предлагает всё время свой.

31 July 2012
Минск → Улаанбаатар 7,266km Hitchhiked by Jo_weiss 1 1
Two people #baikal #UB #vipassana


Байкал – Монголия – Випассана 2014 https://cloud.mail.ru/public/ATDp/LcDPPsV1U

02 August 2014
Savannah → Los Angeles 3,897km Hitchhiked by Thegreatamericanroadtrip 1 1


My name is Jordan Streeter, from The Great American Roadtrip, An Interactive Adventure!

A sense of adventure has always been with me and I try and capture it through photography and vlogging and recently have started the project of The Great American Roadtrip. This trip is a coast to coast, hitch hiking adventure across America. By hitch hiking it'll give us the… (read on in Trip)

23 May 2015
Dresden → Leipzig 112km Hitchhiked by Yooks 1 1
Two people

Her first hitchhikers

The spot we chose for Dresden – Leipzig was not an ideal one. It was a few meters after a sharp turn from two sides leading onto the highway. The drivers did not have much time to look at us or pull over. Despite the spot's shortcomings we managed to find a ride in 25 minutes. An older woman stopped, came out of her car, noticed me playing the guitar and asked me if I was… (read on in Trip)

06 May 2015
Regensburg → Nuremberg 111km Hitchhiked by Yooks 1 1
Two people

When the army helps the community

Once again Ada and me were hitchhiking from the lovely town of Regensburg. Our last experience from the spot we picked was great. In ten minutes three cars stopped and a German solider that works in the army base near Regensburg picked us up and took us to Nuremberg. He had a great American accent because his father lived in America.

This time around it was completely… (read on in Trip)

30 April 2015
Vienna → Passau 281km Hitchhiked by Yooks 3 1
Two people

Watch the carpet!

After getting dropped at the gas station near Sankt Pölten we tried hitchhiking there. Unfortunately this was not such a good idea since it gets traffic coming from both highway directions. People were a bit confused as to why are we asking for rides here. With all that I was also dead tired because I didn't sleep well last night. Since this was a resthaus they had a small… (read on in Trip)

Not much to say for this ride. Found a good spot on Hitchwiki in front of the Hütteldorf Banhof and we did not use a sign as we just wanted to get to the next gas station. The idea behind this was the assumption that we would have better chances of hitchhiking for Germany from the gas station.

After about an hour of thumbing a guy stopped and offered to take us to Sankt… (read on in Trip)

Immigrant alert

The trucker dropped us off at the rasthaus near Linz so we can continue to hitchhike for Passau. Twenty minutes of asking around ended with what looked like a Hungarian family living in Germany. They were quite worried about immigrants so they asked us for our documents. This is the first time this happened to me while hitchhiking. We complied and proved that we were not… (read on in Trip)

23 April 2015
Budapest → Vienna 242km Hitchhiked by Yooks 1 1
Two people

Hitchhiking meets philosophy

Our day began early in the morning looking at possible hitchhiking spots on Hitchwiki. One that looked most promising was a gas station in Budaörs.

Good things started happening right from the start as we were given two apples by our host as a gift. I know it doesn't sound much, but when you're hungry on the road it comes perfect. Next, the driver of the local bus (272)… (read on in Trip)

19 April 2015
Dresden → London 1,112km Hitchhiked by Gildelkutsten 3 3

Started by the slip road in Dresden Kemnitz and arrived 5 hours later in Kassel centrum. I changed the car 3 times.

From the slip road Kassel – Bad Wilhelmshöhe to Dortmund it took me more time then first expected. Then it was very comfortable to hitchhike in Nederland and Belgium and I arrived in the early evening in Bruegge.

In Bruegge there is a bus to Vasenare (cost around 3€). From there I walked to the gas station Jabekke (30 minutes). After 1 hour I found somebody who took me to Dunkerque and Dover. There the car got broken and I had to change the driver. In Dover there is a good bus station. All cars to London have to pass this station. It took me around 30 minutes to get a ride to London.

22 February 2015