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Berlin → Istanbul 2,221km Hitchhiked by Sandra 32
Two people


NEver! Absolutely never forget the bar of chocolate, which u just bought to offer it your driver, in your ass pockets and let it slowly melt in the warmth of the seat heater….

22 February 2011
England, United Kingdom → Malaysia unknown distance Hitchhiked by Stevedewjones 0 Two people 07 December 2008
Birmingham → Manchester 154km Hitchhiked by Mikael 2
09 December 2010
Freiburg → Dusseldorf 468km Hitchhiked by Flov 2
14 July 2010
Barcelona → Mataro 30km Hitchhiked by Flov 1
05 July 2010
Ponferrada → Barcelona 896km Hitchhiked by Flov 2
10 September 2009
Dusseldorf → Berlin 562km Hitchhiked by Flov 3
14 July 2010
Hemel Hempstead → Edinburgh 615km Hitchhiked by Debradn 6
14 July 2010
Freiburg → Heilbronn 220km Hitchhiked by Tinkleinmyfeet 2

Driving home for Christmas

We were two trying to hitch home for Christmas.

Two rides:

  1. Old sweet couple on their way home. First time taking hitchhikers.

  2. Taxi driver who picked us up cos "Driving home for Christmas" was her favourite Christmas song. She was going to work on Christmas day and all the earnings she would have made that day would go towards an orphanage.

Smile, and the… (read on in Trip)

14 July 2010
Bordeaux → San Sebastian 243km Hitchhiked by Flov 3
13 September 2008
Istanbul → Dimashq unknown distance Hitchhiked by Umitb 14
20 October 2010
Auckland → Wellington 644km Hitchhiked by Tinkleinmyfeet 2
14 July 2010
Penzance → Penzance unknown distance Hitchhiked by Tinkleinmyfeet 1
05 July 2006
Brussels → Freiburg 527km Hitchhiked by Tinkleinmyfeet 5
14 July 2010
Brussels → Freiburg 527km Hitchhiked by Tinkleinmyfeet 4

And they say you never meet your driver twice

Brussels – Köln – Frankfurt – Freiburg

After getting dropped off on an autobahn in Frankfurt (Germany), I try and get a ride back home to Freiburg (Germany). It must’ve been 15 minutes after loads of asking around before I spot a Zürich (Switzerland) car. I run up to the driver as he gets back into his car and gets ready to take off.

He takes me straight away. As I… (read on in Trip)

14 July 2010
Freiburg → Heidelberg 184km Hitchhiked by Tinkleinmyfeet 2

Art as a means to the mind

It is not the first time I’ve hitched to concerts. The trouble about living in a town like Freiburg (Germany), few good bands pass through and I’m not left with much choice but to follow where the music goes. My friend Vanessa had invited me to catch the <a href="http://www.myspace.com/thenotwistnow">Notwist</a> in Heidelberg (Germany). Last.fm describes them as the Radiohead… (read on in Trip)

14 July 2010
Berlin → Leuven 756km Hitchhiked by El_duderino 4
14 July 2010
Dusseldorf → London 564km Hitchhiked by Flov 5

An Encounter With The Border Police

I was standing just at the border of Belgium to France at a <a href='http://bit.ly/ibFi9V'>super sweet spot</a>. Cars only drive 10 km/h and the highway becomes a one lane road, so it is super good for drivers to pull over. At first I was a bit scared about hitchhiking there because the police was stopping and controlling cars, but I just held up my Calais sign and they didnt… (read on in Trip)

01 August 2008
Nuremberg → Prague 290km Hitchhiked by Flov 3
29 December 2008
Valencia → Madrid 354km Hitchhiked by Flov 4
27 July 2008