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Flagstaff → Grand Canyon National Park 118km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 2 2
Two people

Grandview Trail → Grand Canyon Visitor's Center

After our hike we we picked up by a cute latino het couple. The woman was sweet, afraid of heights, and fascinated by our "bravery."

Flagstaff → Grandview Trailhead

A father and his 14 year old son in a minivan packed with supplies for a two week road trip. There were no seats so we sat on the floor. The father had hitchhiked extensively in his youth, mostly in the Canadian wilderness and the West. Full of adventure stories, life experience, and political perspective. They were heading on to Colorado.

14 June 2015
Ajo → Phoenix 180km Hitchhiked by Wallpaper 1 1
Two people family

A latino family picked us up, we sat in the back of their pickup

20 March 2016
Graz → Ljubljana 283km Hitchhiked by Danielhasel 4 2
Two people

Good start

Soon after waiting at our spot a nice and friendly guy took us the first few kilometers to the border to slovenia

hitched my first truck

Met two other hitchhikers at the gas station. Soon we found a truck driver who took us a bit further than Maribor. Nice guy.

Zero waiting time

Just when we got off the truck a guy gave us a sign that we could jump in his car. Zero waiting time. Nice guy, we talked a lot and he gave us some insider tips on nice places around Trieste and Rijeka.

Getting back home

After waiting more than 2+1/2h we thought we should get back and went on the other side of the road to get back to Maribor. We got a ride to Maribor really quick.

19 March 2016
Azadvar → Kish Island, Iran unknown distance Hitchhiked by Rezaaskari_ir 44 1 Two people kish qeshm bandar abbas darab shiraz pasargad esfahan kashan qom tehran iran


04 February 2016
Périgueux → Bordeaux 136km Hitchhiked by Marina 2 1
More than three people dog

A shabby couple and a big dog

Well, was not easy but we made it! The good thing about hitchhiking with a dog is that you get picked up exclusively by really cool people. Also could have got there much faster if we hadn't decided to chose the autoroute instead of the nationale, so had to walk for quite a while and for a long time had only clean expensive cars riding past, obviously not wanting the dog or… (read on in Trip)

07 March 2016
Florianópolis → Belo Horizonte - MG, Brasil 1,277km Hitchhiked by Olsiiv 8 2
Two people itajaí Biguaçu Florianópolis itajaí drunk driver itajaí curitiba Quatro Barras Colombo curitiba

Biguaçu - Itajaí

Depois de andar quilômetros pela Litoral Sul, de Biguaçu até Balneário São Miguel, conseguimos uma carona de carro com um casal simpático. After walking miles on Litoral Sul, from Biguaçu to Baln. São Miguel, we got a ride with a nice couple.

Itajaí - Itajaí

Pegamos outra carona em Itajaí pra ver se descíamos em um ponto melhor. A motorista era legal mas estava chapando de cerveja enquanto cortava um engarrafamento pelo acostamento. Ainda bem que o trajeto foi pequeno hahah

Itajaí - Curitiba

Já era fim de tarde e conseguimos carona com uma menina muito legal! Nos levou até Curitiba enquanto fumávamos um. It was near dusk and we got ourselves a ride with a very nice girl. She took us to Curitiba while passing a joint.

Curitiba - Colombo

Depois de chegar em Curitiba, um amigo da menina nos deu carona até um posto em Colombo. Infelizmente saímos da rota e ficamos em um ponto bem ruim. Tivemos que andar até a próxima cidade, Quatro Barras, pra achar um posto 24h e tentar passar a noite. After ariving at Curitiba, the girl's friend gave us another ride to a gas station in Colombo. Unfortunately, it was out of… (read on in Trip)

Quatro Barras - Quatro Barras

Achamos um posto aberto e ficamos lá por um tempo. Já era madrugada e ainda estávamos fora da rota. Por sorte, um dos caras de lá nos deu carona até outro posto mais a frente onde seria mais fácil caronar. We found an open gas station and stayed there for a while. It was late night and we were still out of our route. Luckly one of the guys gave us a ride to another gas… (read on in Trip)

Pouso Alegre - Belo Horizonte

Pra terminar, conseguimos carona com um caminhoneiro de Joinville. Cara simpático de início, mas se mostrou um racista escroto depois de um tempo. Por uma coincidência muito bizarra, estava indo para o mesmo bairro onde moramos!

Quatro Barras - Estiva

Depois de virar a noite no posto, voltamos para a Fernão Dias. Quando parecia que nunca íamos sair do Paraná, conseguimos a carona mais rápida de todo o rolê. Cortamos os estados do Paraná e São Paulo em uma van com o cara, que ainda deixou de fazer o que ia para nos levar mais pra dentro de Minas.

Estiva - Pouso Alegre

Um ônibus pirata parou pra gente mas queriam cobrar pela carona… Não tínhamos um centavo. Não quiseram nos levar até Belo Horizonte e nos deixaram no posto mais próximo.

04 January 2016
São Paulo → Florianópolis - SC, Brasil 706km Hitchhiked by Olsiiv 3 1
Two people Itapecerica da Serra são paulo curitiba são josé dos pinhais penha curitiba Florianópolis São Jose penha

Itapecerica da Serra - Curitiba

Caminhoneiro legal chamado Toupeira. Levou a gente até São José dos Pinhais e ainda deixou no trevo que corta a Litoral Sul. Nice trucker called Toupeira (Mole). Took us to São José dos Pinhais and let us at the Litoral Sul crossing.

São José dos Pinhais - Penha

Carona de carro com um policial civil. Marrento, mas tranquilo. Falava o tempo todo de maconha. Nos levou até a cidade de Penha/SC. Car ride with a cop. Cocky, but OK. He kept talking about weed all the time. Took us to Penha/SC.

Penha - São José

Outro caminhoneiro muito simpático. Transportava jornal. Nos levou de um posto na cidade de Penha até São José. De lá pra Floripa foi um pulo. Another nice trucker. Took us to São José, a minute away from our destination, Florianópolis.

21 December 2015
Betim → São Paulo 553km Hitchhiked by Olsiiv 2 2
Two people Betim Lavras Lavras transporn são paulo

Betim - Lavras

Uma tia minha estava passando pela Fernão Dias e nos avistou. Ainda estou tentando entender como isso aconteceu haha One of my aunts was passing through Fernão Dias and spotted us. I'm still trying to figure how this happened haha

Lavras - São Paulo

Quando eu e meu companheiro já estávamos desistindo e virando a noite no posto, aparece esse ônibus bizarro com dois motoristas mais estranhos ainda. Não fazemos ideia do que rola nesse ônibus, mas levaram a gente confortavelmente até SP haha When me and my partner were giving up and spending the night at the gas station, this weird bus with strange drivers appeared. We don't… (read on in Trip)

19 December 2015
São Paulo → Betim 555km Hitchhiked by Olsiiv 2 1
Two people atibaia são paulo Betim atibaia

São Paulo - Atibaia

Era pra ser uma carona de São Paulo pra Belo Horizonte mas o caminhoneiro era um babaca. Ficou pregando pra gente o tempo inteiro e ainda nos abandonou no primeiro posto que paramos sem dizer nada. Initialy this was a São Paulo to Belo Horizonte ride but the trucker was an asshole. He kept preaching to us the whole time AND abandoned us in the first gas station we stopped (without saying a word).

Atibaia - Betim

Depois de passar o dia inteiro no posto, conseguimos uma carona por volta das 3h da manhã com um caminhoneiro muito legal. Ele até nos pagou um lanche. After spending the whole day at the gas station, we got ourselves a ride at 3am with a very nice trucker. He even gave us snacks haha

15 January 2014
Betim → Curitiba - PR, Brasil 961km Hitchhiked by Olsiiv 1 1 Two people caminhão direto Belo Horizonte curitiba 10 January 2014
Cluj-Napoca → Hilversum 1,781km Hitchhiked by Erthwalker 3 3 1
Alone Awesome Porsch

Hitching the Porsche

I was dropped at a Autohof, 60km before Nurnberg around 10:00, There were quite the Dutch vacation people with family and Caravan just chilling and having breakfast. I approached them all to ask if I could join them to NL. Sadly they were all fully packed.

I decided to pop my Thumb and my Shield at the traffic lights, There I also had a nice view over the Petrol station and… (read on in Trip)

29 July 2015
Bogenhofen → Deutschland 792km Hitchhiked by Danielhasel 8 1

Getting started

I started at my frontdoor and hiked the first kilometer to the next bigger road where I got my first lift from a local farmer

Good spot, no waiting

I had a very good spot and didn't have to wait a long time with my sign til I got the 2nd lift. Nice guy from the Czech Republic who already had hitchhiking experience. He brought me to the highway.

Nice guy. A local. He brought me to the first gas station on the highway. First I tried to just stand next to the road without a sign but it wouldn't work out so well, so I made a new sign and just as I finished drawing it I got my lift.

Got my next lift after asking people at the gas station for about 15min. A nice old lady took me almost 3h til I had to get out.

Married couple from the Netherlands.

Stranded on the wrong highway

The couple was nice but they let me out on the wrong highway, which was not that nice. So I had to make a detour which costed time. And time is money, you know. A women saw my struggle and helped me. She brought me a few kilometers to the next highway.

I got my lift from an other couple. They took me to the highway where I needed to go.

Worst spot, but happy ending

Stranded on a service station next to the highway but barely any car would stop there. I chatted with two truckdrivers who also said I need a lot of luck to get away from here. But fortunately I got a lift when it was already dark outside.

25 October 2015
SIngapore → Singapore unknown distance Hitchhiked by Hy 1 1
Alone Hitchhiking in Singapore Singapore Hitchhiker SGcarpoolingstories SGcarpooling

Singaporean Hitchhiker

I used to work near International road and if you google the location, you it’s really deserted. It may be near highway but it’s a really inaccessible place if you are not driving.

If i am not wrong, there is only 1 bus serving that area and it makes a loop. So one day, i was excited to have ended work early but the skies decided they are going to cry. It was pouring like… (read on in Trip)

04 November 2015
Port Dickson → Port Dickson unknown distance Hitchhiked by Hy 1 1
Alone Hitch Hiking in Malaysia tips to hitch hike hitchhiking tips

First time being a Hitch Hiker

Believe it or not, my first hitch hiking was in Malaysia, Port Dickson. I was lured there by the images of beautiful beaches and affordable travel. When my friend and I were there, we are disappointed with the beaches and decided to just chill within the self contained hotel. We stayed at Thistle hotel and after a day in the hotel, we were extremely bored. We had checked with… (read on in Trip)

30 October 2015
Hawaii, United States → Hawaii, United States unknown distance Hitchhiked by Hy 1 1

Hawaii - Canadian Couple

I never hitch a ride before or given a stranger a ride but it all changed in Hawaii.

As my then boyfriend was driving, I spotted a couple who seems to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. I recognised this scene from movies, and I said, hey, let’s offer give those strangers a ride out!

My bf was apprehensive about the entire “set-up” because we had been travelling for… (read on in Trip)

20 October 2015
east coast, singapore → Raffles Place Singapore 13km Hitchhiked by Hy 1 4 1

Singaporean Hitch Hiker

I been hitch hiking for several months now and i would like to share my story.

Like most people, I take the public transport to work, if i am lucky, my parents would send me to work. However, taking public transport during the peak hours is not so pleasant at times so i switch to cycling or kick-scooting to work. It was fun for a while but it’s quite dangerous since i am… (read on in Trip)

16 October 2015
Istanbul → Fethiye 797km Hitchhiked by Duygu 1 1

The trip was very good. I can recommend everyone to hitchhike in Turkey.

15 June 2015
Skudai → Kuala Lumpur 320km Hitchhiked by Mirzusko 2 1
Three people malaysia kualalumpur skudai johorbahru

Get money instead of a lift and used it for a bus :D

Started thumbing in front of AEON shopping centre in Skudai. No one pulled over but an old man passed by asking us where to go and suggested us to take a bus. After thumbing in 2 hours, we moved to the junction nearby Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. A man with his "perodua" pulled over and let us in. He didn't drive us to Kuala Lumpur but to Larkin Bus Station instead. We were… (read on in Trip)

15 August 2015
Regensburg → Freiburg 469km Hitchhiked by Yooks 4 1
Two people

Not much to tell about this ride. The man took us from Regensburg and dropped us off at the next gas station in the direction of Nuremberg. One interesting fact is that he was not actually going towards Nuremberg but I'm guessing he liked us that much that he decided to drive us to the next gas station.

Taking a small detour

The next person to pick us up from the gas station on the highway to Nuremberg was a middle aged chubby fellow driving a Mercedes. He works as some kind of technician for theater production so he gets to travel a lot around Europe. It would seem he was born in Germany but lives in Romania because he has a family there.

He said Romania is not a good country to live in… (read on in Trip)


The moment we got dropped off at the gas station near Frankfurt an older man approached us and asked us: "Where are you going?" on what I replied: "Basel, Switzerland". He nodded and started discussing the details and the route with us.

He drove us thirty kilometers to the next gas station where he bought us two small portions of food because we asked him if the food here… (read on in Trip)

06 August 2015
Mostar → Sarajevo 126km Hitchhiked by Dibdoo 1 1
Two people Bosnia Mostar Sarajevo fastest

Emin - Bosnian Schumacher

From Mostar we hitchhiked a guy named Emin. He was very rich, he told us how he got rich and whats his job, also something about the last war. He drove the newest Mercedes, but he drove like crazy and very fast. But to some degree safe. As soon as it started to rain he was very careful and slowed down.

It was amazing experience to "fly" in a car with over 230km/h on the speed meter.

26 July 2015