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Nădlac → Olomouc 618km Hitchhiked by Augustris 3
7 months ago
Bucharest → Nădlac 624km Hitchhiked by Augustris 4
8 months ago
Pitești → Bucharest 118km Hitchhiked by Augustris 1
about 2 months ago
Timișoara → Pitești 432km Hitchhiked by Augustris 2
9 months ago
Brno → Timișoara 634km Hitchhiked by Augustris 3
9 months ago
Kraków → Brno 540km Hitchhiked by Augustris 6
9 months ago
Kazlavas → Kraków 623km Hitchhiked by Augustris 5
9 months ago
Suceava → Vilnius 2,473km Hitchhiked by Augustris 28 1
27 July 2017
Deventer → Suceava 2,078km Hitchhiked by Augustris 26 1
about 2 months ago
Berlin → Deventer 557km Hitchhiked by Augustris 1

Columbian family took me

Columbian family took me, and asked my if I have gun, because they explained me that in Columbia they have not one, but two guns. Also took me to the restaurant and gave me food. So kind people!

16 July 2017
Bielefeld → Berlin 388km Hitchhiked by Augustris 3
02 July 2017
Antwerp → Bielefeld 348km Hitchhiked by Augustris 14
01 July 2017
Swanley → Antwerp 344km Hitchhiked by Augustris 3
30 June 2017
Venlo → Maidstone 451km Hitchhiked by Augustris 4
Alone Calais

Truck driver to gas/rest station near Bruger

Tired Polish truck driver took me to this really good gas station

German family took me inside ferry

Germany family took me inside ferry when I explained then that it's free for them.

Spanish family to Maidstone

I was going to London, they to Wales so they droped me at Maidstone. Tryed to drop me at best spot

Outside Maidstone, to inside of Maidstone

I was holding sign London, they stoped me and asked where I was going, I said London, they said that they going to London. I was suspicious because 4 guys in car, bad sign. When they was driving to inside of Maidstone, they asked me something, I said I don't have money, so they stoped car in the middle on the road and said get out. So needed to go out of city, bad luck to wait… (read on in Trip)

27 June 2017
Aalborg → Venlo 855km Hitchhiked by Augustris 10

Artist going to Belgium

He was hitchhiking by himself back in the days, gave me tips how to get ferry to Britain for free

27 January 2017
Hamburg → Aalborg 449km Hitchhiked by Augustris 1

One driver all the way to Aalborg

Really cool driver! He was sailing around the world alot, really cool guy, gave me lift to the center of Aalborg, gave me food and drinks

26 June 2017
Voorst, Netherlands → Hamburg 370km Hitchhiked by Augustris 8 2

Riding at Fiat Ducato back

Riding at the back of Fiat Ducato, workers took me

Service station near Osnabruck

Woman with kids took me to that bad service station away from highway. I found that sign in photo. But these people was really kind, gave me juice and food that I am appreciate!

25 June 2017
Venlo → Deventer 138km Hitchhiked by Augustris 5 1
23 June 2017
Poznań → Venlo 826km Hitchhiked by Augustris 2
Alone Venlo

From Poznan to nearby boarder of Germany

Truck driver who took me near Germany boarder.

With sign Berlin

It was funny, that I was holding sign BERLIN near the boarder of Germany, driver stopped and said Belgium? I replied yes yes, Belgium Belgium! Driver took me all the way to Netherlands, drooped me at city center because it was getting late.

21 June 2017
Kazlavas → Poznań 633km Hitchhiked by Augustris 3
Alone Kazlavas Neste gas station - Suwalki

Guy with water pipe and 3 woman

First time asking at gas station, took me to Suwalki

Generous Germans

Standing on wrong gas station, one German guy gave me 25 PLN! when stand up on right spot, guy who was going to Augustow to buy sail equipment took me.

Augustow - Poznan

Awesome ride! Driver took me all the way from Augustow to Poznan about 560 km. Then offered me a shower, really good meal, offered place to sleep.

20 June 2017