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Brussels → Freiburg 527km Hitchhiked by Tinkleinmyfeet 5
14 July 2010
Brussels → Freiburg 527km Hitchhiked by Tinkleinmyfeet 4

And they say you never meet your driver twice

Brussels – Köln – Frankfurt – Freiburg

After getting dropped off on an autobahn in Frankfurt (Germany), I try and get a ride back home to Freiburg (Germany). It must’ve been 15 minutes after loads of asking around before I spot a Zürich (Switzerland) car. I run up to the driver as he gets back into his car and gets ready to take off.

He takes me straight away. As I… (read on in Trip)

14 July 2010
Freiburg → Heidelberg 184km Hitchhiked by Tinkleinmyfeet 2

Art as a means to the mind

It is not the first time I’ve hitched to concerts. The trouble about living in a town like Freiburg (Germany), few good bands pass through and I’m not left with much choice but to follow where the music goes. My friend Vanessa had invited me to catch the <a href="http://www.myspace.com/thenotwistnow">Notwist</a> in Heidelberg (Germany). Last.fm describes them as the Radiohead… (read on in Trip)

14 July 2010
Berlin → Leuven 756km Hitchhiked by El_duderino 4
14 July 2010
Dusseldorf → London 564km Hitchhiked by Flov 5

An Encounter With The Border Police

I was standing just at the border of Belgium to France at a <a href='http://bit.ly/ibFi9V'>super sweet spot</a>. Cars only drive 10 km/h and the highway becomes a one lane road, so it is super good for drivers to pull over. At first I was a bit scared about hitchhiking there because the police was stopping and controlling cars, but I just held up my Calais sign and they didnt… (read on in Trip)

01 August 2008
Nuremberg → Prague 290km Hitchhiked by Flov 3
29 December 2008
Valencia → Madrid 354km Hitchhiked by Flov 4
27 July 2008
London → Dover 122km Hitchhiked by Flov 3

On the way to Project 888

On the 8th August of 2008 approximately 120 hitchhikers came to Paris for participating in Project 888. You can read all about it on Hitchwiki ;)

So I was going from London to Dover with a friend and we got dropped at an actually very lovely gas station. Unfortunately for us, the employees of the gas station didn't want us to hitchhike… (read on in Trip)

06 August 2008
Bordeaux → Dusseldorf 1,075km Hitchhiked by Flov 8
20 September 2008
Paris → Bordeaux 583km Hitchhiked by Flov 4
10 September 2008
Dusseldorf → Paris 503km Hitchhiked by Flov 2
09 September 2008
Amsterdam → Dusseldorf 225km Hitchhiked by Flov 3
04 April 2010
Freiburg → Berlin 808km Hitchhiked by Tinkleinmyfeet 2

City hipsters

8 o’clock in the evening and stuck in Dresden (Germany) for over an hour. A financial adviser had kindly moved me from a shitty spot in a small town in Dresden to the city centre. But Berlin (Germany) was still over 200km away.

After asking a bunch of people at the gas station that were either not going to Berlin or ignored me, my eyes fell upon this fire truck with a… (read on in Trip)

09 September 2010
Achern → Strasbourg 44km Hitchhiked by Tinkleinmyfeet 2

Glove snatcher

After trying to get a ride for over an hour in Achern (Germany), I was beginning to despair. All I needed was someone to give me a ride 40 km across the border but there wasn’t anyone going to Strasbourg (France). The only couple that was going to Strasbourg refused to give me a ride: “we are going to Strasbourg, we have place, but we won’t take you”.

I grow a little… (read on in Trip)

14 July 2010
Berlin → Freiburg 807km Hitchhiked by Tinkleinmyfeet 1

Sliding doors

After spending some awesome days partying in Berlin, I had to make my way home to Freiburg. Freiburg and Berlin are really on opposite ends of Germany – some 850km. My friend Florian who I was staying with told me a good place to hitch out of Berlin was from Nicolasee. Basically you take the S-Bahn, cross the bridge, turn right and try and get a ride from the gas… (read on in Trip)

14 July 2010
Freiburg → Antwerp 557km Hitchhiked by Tinkleinmyfeet 1

An awkward ending..

My final ride to complete my journey to Antwerp (Belgium) started in Köln (Germany). I got dropped off at a service station and waited less than 5 minutes before a Romanian man and his nephew agreed to pick me up. He had a trailer behind his vehicle and heaps of baggage in the back.

He moved some stuff at the back so that I could sit on top of some boxes, which I thought… (read on in Trip)

14 July 2010
Manchester → Selkirk 281km Hitchhiked by Flov 3 1

Long Dance

I started in Manchester around 2 pm from a gas station which was just besides the M5 leading north, and my goal was Edinburgh. As 2 pm is actually quite late to hitchhike, especially in England in the winter where it gets dark really quickly, I worried a bit about getting to my destination. After waiting at this spot for about 30 minutes holding a sign showing M5 North,… (read on in Trip)

21 November 2010
London → Manchester 336km Hitchhiked by Flov 3

One Day They Will Charge You For Breathing.

I stood at the spot that is recommended by hitchwiki.

People all over London drive through at this point to drive north to Birmingham or Manchester. The traffic is worse than horrible! It's completely chaotic and everyone tries to get in front of one each other, just to be some seconds faster and escape the… (read on in Trip)

14 July 2010
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